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Which stim medication to have??

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Hi all. Hope you are all ok.

I am set to start another fresh cycle in the new year and as it is now private they are giving me more options for drugs. Last time for the stims I had menopour and this time they are giving me an option of this again or Bemfola or Gonal-F.

Anyone had any experience of using both or all three and noticed much difference good or bad. I did respond ok to menopour though did over stimulate and wonder if trying the other one would be a good thing. Am worried though that it is a risk and may not work ? Any advice and experience be much appreciated please.

TIA xx

13 Replies
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I used Bemfola and had good results on it and no over stimulation as quality over quantity. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to HollieW

Ooh that good to know. Have you had the others too so could compare?

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HollieW in reply to Dreamingofbaby

I haven't I'm afraid but I'm sure others have xx

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If I remember correctly, mine was a mixture of Menopur and Gonal F. I also ended up hyperstimulated but we were able to freeze 5 blastocysts. Only the one IVF round so nothing to compare it to but we got 12 eggs, 9 mature, I think it was a pretty good result.

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I did fostimon first round and Bemfola second round. Not much difference in it for me. What do they advise, if any? xx

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you for ur response. Ooh another version oh it can be confusing. They didn’t advise really. They said there isn’t much diff apart from the bemfola and gonal f are ready made in a pen to inject which does sound easier 🤔

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Tugsgirl in reply to Dreamingofbaby

Yes that definitely was easier xx

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It depends every one body is different. clinic know how you responded last time for menopour and they can reduce the dose if you over stimulating.if you take the different you need to wait and c how you reaction I mean testing on your body again. I taken same drugs again and they uped the dose according to the responds last time.this time I really good number of eggs and better results. if u feel new one better for you then go for it.confidence is important

Gonal F was fine for me- though it can really mess with your moods. I thought I was going to be really angry for 2 weeks, as I usually PMS something terrible, but by the end it turned me into a crying mess (not awful, just a bit embarrassing when you burst into tears when a colleague is nice to you and brings you a cup of coffee!). I liked that it came in a pre-loaded pen, which was waaaaaay easier to take than the cetrotide!

Good luck with your treatment! xxx

I had mostly gonal-F but with a little menopur on my most successful rounds. Apparently you need a bit of menopur for the LH which gonal-f doesn’t contain. Changing drugs definitely got me more eggs.

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Hi thank you for this. Hmm they didn’t offer both so that interesting. Thank you for advice ☺️👍

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On my most successful round I had Gonal F with Menopur, and I was on a high dose as I am a low responder.

I didn’t get many eggs on either Menopur alone or Gonal F alone, but my body likes to make things difficult 🤷🏼‍♀️.

If you responded well to Menopur alone could they reduce your dose slightly to avoid over-stimulating?

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Dreamingofbaby in reply to Suzannah1985

Hey thanks for input and advice very useful x

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