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Stim Injections - Air Bubbles!!

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Hi all

I have just started my stim injections for our first round of ivf well actually we are doing icsi but I found it harder than the nurse made it look to get the medication ready and get rid of air bubbles!

I still had an air bubble when I injected and although the nurse said it may happen and it was ok but obviously best to try get them out and I did try but I couldn’t and this has worried me! Any tips of how to stop this happening?

Thanks in advance x

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You can push on the plunger until a drop comes out, also try tapping the bubbles out xx

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JB1988 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thanks for replying hun. I tried tapping but couldn’t quite get it out will try again tomorrow and hope I do it better x

Other than tapping and pushing out what you can I don't think there's much else.. I finished the injections on Monday and sometimes had the odd bubble in that wouldn't shift (you'll find most will go with tapping but there are some awkward ones that ain't going anywhere) but it hasn't caused any problems so try not to worry :) xx

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JB1988 in reply to EleJen

Thanks for replying. I think being my first one I was probably rushing and panicking!

I will try going slowly tonight and tapping.

Good luck with your treatment x

What I used to do was fill the needle with the medication and then tap before pushing the plunger bit up before putting the needle on. Then when they were all gone, and the medication near the top, stick the needle on and your ready x

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JB1988 in reply to sk85

Thanks for replying.

I will see how I get on tonight, think I was just panicking as it was my first one I had to do.

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sk85 in reply to JB1988

Aaw yeah the first few are the hardest then it just becomes routine. You'll soon be a pro! X

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JB1988 in reply to sk85

Thank you - fingers crossed lol :) x

I definitely found the first one the worst. I also found flicking gently (then a bit harder for stubborn bubbles) was more effective than tapping. Hope tonight’s is a bit easier!

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JB1988 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks hun. I will give this a go tonight - hopefully it will be a bit easier now I know what I'm in for lol x

We panicked so much during our first two nights of injections trying to get the bubbles out, it was super scary and we were losing medication during the process. My husband was mixing the meds and he was terrified he was going to leave a bubble in there and kill me!

Small champagne bubbles are fine and it’s ok to lose small amounts meds, the nurse at the hospital said we are injecting into fatty tissue and there is no way they would let us inject if there was a chance I could hurt myself.

Hope this helps - the injecting for me got super easy after the first few nights. X

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JB1988 in reply to nickiulloa

Thanks for the advice - deffo makes me feel better to know this. I know the nurse said it wont kill me to have air bubbles but it still panicked me and I swear it felt different than when she did it but that could be my crazy mind! lol x

Ahh I remember those pesky air bubbles!! They used to really stress me out more than injecting myself 😂 you will get the hang of it in no time 😁 xx

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JB1988 in reply to Lou7744

Oh don't that's exactly how I was - the injecting was absolutely fine it was the mixing it all up and having these bubbles - argh!! Fingers crossed for tonights! x

Flicking rather that tapping was what I did and plunge a bit until a drop comes out helped also. Good luck and it does get easier xx

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JB1988 in reply to Macca13

Thank you. Tonight’s one went much better! X

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