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3dp5dfet....Welcome Home Party or War?!

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So..yesterday I felt like there was either a party or a war going on in my womb!

I started with mild cramps early morning of 2dpt of which lasted most of the day, not painful but def aware that something was going on and then today, zip diddly and feel completely normal!

I know that yesterday could be a good sign, or it could simply be the good old meds playing their evil tricks but I did have a giggle to myself as I pictured either my little pumpkin snuggling in and having a party or my little pumpkin at war with the NK cells/scar tissue and what ever else is in there, armed with steroids, a recent course or antibiotics and maybe just a bit of Halloween magic captured from the day pumpkin was formed!...but who will have won?! Pumpkin or the dark cells! Or was it all just a welcome home party πŸ˜‚ Praying either way Pumpkin is still going strong πŸ™πŸ»

25 Replies

I vote party!!

Haha! Thank you! Have to make it a little light heartened to stop the crazy googling kicking in! Xx

Put your hands up and step away from the Google!!

Seriously, you'll drive yourself crazy xxx

Ha! I say I won’t google on every transfer then end up doing it πŸ™„πŸ˜†xx

I'm team Pumpkin and I think it was a party ✨🌟 Wishing you nothing but the best xx

Aw thank you! Xx

Hard to say of course but I was told that implantation happens a couple of days past transfer so.... I say a bit of a war then a celebration party. Xx

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baby2016 in reply to Camillage

Aw that sounds like a good scenario! 😊 pumpkin the fighter! πŸŽƒπŸ’ͺ🏻xx

Pumpkin definitely having a party....especially as it was Saturday!!πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚ Hopefully all good signs that it's getting settled nice and deep into that lovely lining you managed this time!🀞xx

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baby2016 in reply to Cinderella5

Haha! Saturday night party πŸ˜‚Love it! I hope so! Xx

My partner has been having cramps last night and today and we had transfer same day as you fingers crossed 🀞🀞🀞🀞

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baby2016 in reply to kellyoke1

Oh fingers tightly crossed for you both. Today I’ve found really hard, always do about this time as it’s the limbo of waiting, the first few days you know there’s no point in testing and no point testing till at least day 6, so this is like the groundhog phase. I feel so deflated today as not felt anything since day 2, and on my positive cycle my womb just felt full and heavy but nothing at all now 😬 will you be testing early? Xx

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kellyoke1 in reply to baby2016

I know it's so tempting to test I would like to say no we're not going to test early but I no what we are like. Our otd is Xmas day so we was talking about doing it boxing day instead. It's our first fet we had fresh last time so as there's no trigger shot involved I still wasn't sure if you can get a false positive. Will you test early.

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baby2016 in reply to kellyoke1

If you didn’t have a trigger then any second line you see will be a definite! πŸ‘πŸ» although mine was a FET I had a trigger, and tested it out which seems to be negative from yesterday. Yep I’ll test early πŸ™ˆ I always do, feel like although it can make you feel like crap if it’s a negative I just prefer feeling in control of it somehow. Mine Xmas day but they want me to test Xmas Eve, and tbh I’ll know by then anyway, as if it’s a negative I will def be having a drink Xmas day! Your very brave if you can hold out till Boxing Day! Xx

Definitely a party. I have everything crossed for you xx

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baby2016 in reply to HollieW

Aw thanks Hollie 😊xx

Best of luck πŸ’• you’ve been here since I joined , you deserve it sweetness xx

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baby2016 in reply to

Aw thank you misswinky, that’s lovely of you to say. Will have been here 3yrs this March! I hope you are ok xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to baby2016

Jeezo....bit depressing when you look back, I'm Dec 2015!😨 How you doing? Hanging in there?!xx

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baby2016 in reply to Cinderella5

It bloody is isn’t it! I knew you were similar times as remember seeing you posts when I joined! I’m hanging in there....just 😬xx

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Cinderella5 in reply to baby2016

Not half!!😣 You're doing fabulous I'm sure...that inside warrior princess will have taken over now!!πŸ’ͺ🀞xx

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baby2016 in reply to Cinderella5


Hahaha thank goodness someone else posted same thing

I feel like I've been possessed by an inner demon. Was having a kinds of massive cramps and twinges and pulling and stretching symptoms

Then massive almost like electric shocks here and there over my body - like twinges elsewhere

Part of me just wondered if it was just indigestion 🀣 but not had that level of symptoms previously So I'm hoping it's a good sign.

Either that or my two embies are elbowing each other for space !

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baby2016 in reply to Saya85

Well if you’ve got 2 in there, they’ll def me having a party....or a sibling play time! 😊xx

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Saya85 in reply to baby2016

Aww I really hope so ! I would love to have twins although I'm so worried about being able to support one baby let alone two through pregnancy !

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