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2ww nearly ending!

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Hey all

So I’m in my 2ww. How it drags!

Clinic has advised to test on the 23rd December -Sunday.

Excited and nervous at the same time.

So is it the first wee of the day which is the best to test?

I had slight coloured discharge one day last week and nothing since. My boobs hurt (which could be the pessaries) I feel bloated, going toilet often (a lot more often) and my tummy feels different to touch, like a bit firm.

I sometimes think I’m imagining all this and just hoping for pregnancy symptoms.

I’m so nervous to do the test as I won’t know what do if it’s negative 😬

Hope you are all ok xxx

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Your nearly there!!! Hang on in there!

Yes they say first wee of the day is best....so if you awake early do it then xxx

Always seem to wake about 4am so that will be my time lol xxx

Perfect timing then lol xxx

Yeah, don’t think we will be going back sleep lol xxx

No don’t think you will!! Xx

Definitely first wee (fmu). It should be at least a 4 hour hold. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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Babyblues1 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you xx

Ditto- my OTD is Xmas Eve and I'm getting different symptoms to previous two cycles which I think is a good sign as they were BFNs!

Twinges cramps, freq trips to loo, sore boobs to touch etc

I am on higher progesterone than previously but don't think these are all related to that. Hoping it's a positive sign but wish It would just hurry up!

Will look out for your news on Sunday x

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Babyblues1 in reply to Saya85

Thank you, good luck for xmas eve! Wow what a xmas present it will be this year if we get positives 😀😀🤞🏻🤞🏻 xx

Good luck hang on in there xxx

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Babyblues1 in reply to Sweets1

Will do thank you xx

You've got this far... don't worry everything from here on will go fine I presume. The symptoms do sound like pregnancy, so don't worry maybe it's just a BFP waiting to be discovered.... have hope. 2ww is definitely a whole lot of frustration put into excited and impatient waiting. It's alright not to do the HPT when waiting it out and stay put for the OTD instead. It'll help you, you'll not upset yourself over any false negatives and upset your hormones... that's the best you can give your pregnancy truly. Consider every twitch a sign to your success and I guess with a bit of netflix, resting and favorite snacks the waiting will be bearable. Plus you have the forum to keep you hooked to us all to give you both impetus and inputs to get through the lousy 2WW pretty cheerfully... lol.

Good Luck and keep us posted about the proceedings.

Thank you so much for your lovely reply. You are right this forum really helps especially having lovely replies from people such as yourself 😊

I will hold out and be patient.

Thank you xxx

Oh my god that’s how I felt! I couldn’t even think about Christmas as I just wanted to get through the weekend (of knowing) if you can wait then wait but I’m so impatient I need to know. Best of luck gorge! Sounds positive though xx

We have decided to wait it’s the right thing to do I suppose lol

Thank you and congratulations xxx

Look forward for some positive news on Sunday! I can’t send enough luck your way! Positive thoughts your way lovely! How you feeling? X

Yes wishing, praying, keeping everything crossed for Sunday 😀

Thank you so much.

I’m feeling ok. Tired more than usual but apart from that I feel fine.

How are you feeling? Xx

I'm so sorry to know that your Christmas has been worst because you couldn't get what you so much desired. I know how you feel... hugs for you. But then here a piece of advice if you don't mind. I'm sure it'll be worth it at some point. These celebration times fuels the whole year-long struggle in every aspect of life. So do not let go of this time... appreciate all the good you have.... love family friends. I know it's hard but it gives strength and optimism that will make you carry on the fertility road no matter how dissuading the situation gets. Remember always your feeling positive is very very important I know it's not always possible but then it's the only way. Moving ahead is the only road to success. Wish you all the luck in the world for getting a BFP soon.

Hey Katty, I think this lovely message was not meant for me. Just letting you know so you can copy it to whoever the lovely words were for 😊 xxx

Good luck! Have everything crossed for you xx

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Babyblues1 in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you xx

Wishing you lots of luck!xx

Thank you xx

Good luck!! Xx

Thank you xx

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