Hi all I had a positive test on Monday everything has been going really well but last night at about 3am I was woken up with the most terrible pain in my tummy they were that bad it made me feel sick and break into a cold sweat this has really worried me as I've had some similar ones today. Is this normal to pregnancy or should I be worried?? Any advice greatly appreciated

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  • Hi brimblemissy i am just over six weeks pregnant and i get these pains everyday try not worry i know its hard but my nurse advised it could be your uterus stretching or the meds as your ovaries etc have been through a lot , as long as there is no bleeding they have advised it is ok.good luck x

  • Thank you Weemex it frightened the life out of me but nothing else so I'll take it its normal and carry on good luck with yours x

  • I was like that for at least 6 weeks aftee transfer and constantly convinced I was having another miscarriage but I didn't and now I'm nearly 25 weeks pregnant so do what everyone says and try to relax and rest when you can xxx

  • Thanks sjamalou just so paranoid when you want something soo bad and it happens after a long wait every little pain just makes you panicked thanks everyone and good luck xx

  • Hi brimblemissy, just wanting to know how your pregnancy is going. Last time we spoke you had stomach pains, have they gone now? I've had a mild period like pain for 2 days now and yesterday I had a yellow/brown discharge and same again today. Both times it was first thing in the morning. I worried so much that I rang the clinic and they said it was perfectly normal and only to worry if it was bright red blood! I felt a little better but I feel like ivf has turned me in to a hypercondriac! The 7 week scan can't come fast enough for me! Xxxx

  • Hi Mai5ie all going ok thanks pains have mainly gone only get a few twinges when I really need to pee which is regularly lol hope yours is going well I know what you mean about becoming a hypercondriac every twinge makes you panic my scan is on the 27th when's yours? X

  • Hi, my scan is the day after on the 28th! I'm praying everything is ok. Is it just me or has time slowed down since we got a positive, the 28th feels decades away! I'm feeling better now, still get light stomach aches especially when I get tired! I can't keep my eyes open at night, as soon as I sit down to watch TV I pass out! Ha ha. X

  • It does the last few weeks have really dragged but only 1 more week that'll soon go can't wait to see the little heart beat very difficult not to get carried away! Good luck for the 28th x

  • Can't wait for a weeks time, I just want to put my mind at rest that everything is ok. How are your symptoms? I've got to go to court tomorrow with my job and I'm worried nothing will fit me. My stomach is so bloated I will have to leave my pants undone and my shirt out! Ha ha. I will be shopping straight after the scan for some bigger clothes! X

  • I've had to go up a size already my bust is getting massive! Get morning sickness every morning tends to clear by 1-2pm then I'm just knackered lol loving every minute of all of it so far!

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