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If you conceive naturally before embryo transfer- does the ET process risk damaging the endo lining/previous foetus ?


Hi ladies

I know sex before fET has been brought up a few times and generally it’s considered ok and beneficial to have sex before ET.

But I was wondering- if you did conceive naturally before ET would the process of going into the uterus and placing the new embryos risk damaging the lining if a previous pregnancy is already in place?

Could it affect the results of either and stop implantation? 🧐

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Before FET? I'm no expert but with the medicated kind I don't think this could happen because you wouldn't ovulate that month. With natural FET I don't know if this could happen, maybe you'd get twins? I don't think the catheter placing the embryos is particularly invasive that it would damage the lining. Interesting question!

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Good point- I thought the medicated one just made sure you didn’t ovulate prematurely ... but that does ring a bell. They don’t seem bothered by ovulation- but I would think it makes sense that they should try and mimic it close to transfer time. Some clinics give a trigger shot I believe.

But I suppose they override it with the pessaries and things compared to a natural cycle.

I really felt like I’d ovulated today (clear change discharge - sorry TMI lol)

Might do the ovulation test tmrw to see if I have.

Oh Well in that case I’ll ‘enjoy’ my week before transfer 😏


In my semi medicated transfer they scanned me to make sure I hadn’t grown a follicle before starting me on progesterone and scheduling my fet. They told me that the oestrogen tablets generally stop people growing follicles but not always.

Ah good to know, thanks.

Last time they scanned my ovaries too and said all was quiet, this time they didn’t and said they weren’t bothered by the ovaries at this stage 🤨😅

Tbh everything they’ve done this time seems so slapdash that if I hadn’t asked questions I don’t think we’d have even half the info and boxes ticked.

Supposedly they give steroids to all hypothyroid autoimmune patients- but if I hadn’t asked at scan they wouldn’t have even noticed. Despite it being in my notes and obvious to see.

First time round they were so strict with thyroid they wouldn’t even let us start.

We have to be our own advocates unfortunately.

Oh well what will be will be! I’ll enjoy the ride while I can 🙂

Is it the same clinic as you used last time?

I used their sister clinic for the fresh cycle but that was nhs funded and they were quite strict.

Then did two FETs with new sister clinic. They’re quite professional in most ways but even with this second FET they’ve made a few mistakes and delays and I have to keep on top of them.

Luckily I know what I’m doing because I hate chasing them up at the best of time even though they’re friendly.

Glad you are able to keep on top of them.

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