Perfect lining... but not all perfect elsewhere πŸ˜”

So my final scan before next week's EC and ET was this afternoon. (I'm going through Egg Donation IVF)

I've been on buserelin since 6 April... and somehow... I've grown a follicle which the consultant is a bit worried about. I had to go for a progesterone test because it would mean my ET wouldn't work if progesterone was released before I start taking cyclogest.

Results come back tomorrow; worst case scenario is that they do EC and fertilisation and then we'd have to go back for ET at a later date.

What is wrong with me?! I just feel broken and can't even do anything right when I've got drugs to help me. Now I have to wait until tomorrow and see what comes back and then they will test at the clinic abroad next week too.

Today? I give up. I can't even produce follicles on my own! Now I'm doing it when I'm not meant to?!

Humph. X

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  • Hey Hun I had a cyst that they had to do a blood test for and everything went ahead for transfer. Please don't be upset I know it seems like your whole world has stopped, as did mine! But we have to remember you need to be ok for your body to accept the embryo. Good luck and keep us updated. Xxx

  • Thanks. Apparently he mentioned a cyst. But I don't remember this. :(

    Thanks for replying... I genuinely thought no one would have been through this on here! I've never seen it mentioned!

    It's grown since my last scan on Easter Tuesday - not sure what I'm meant to take from that :/

    I just want to know what's going to happen! :( x

  • I've seen lots of ladies on here with cysts and everything goes ahead on plan - just depends on the size and position of it I think x

  • Don't worry hun your not alone! On my first cycle i had. 3cm cyst which turned into 6cm within a week! Like you I was so scared, the doctor's thought it was cancerous which made me even more scared. Thankfully it wasn't but it was called a Corpus something or another lol. My first cycle never worked out but am currently going through my second cycle xxx

  • Corpus Luteum?

    Emu2016 this makes sense if he thinks it's producing progesterone as the CL is the remnants of an old follicle and it's that which produces progesterone after ovulation x

  • Hi weemrsh! Yes this is correct :) I didn't need to cancel my cycle. But my second option was to have the cyst aspriated that cycle but in the end my blood tests were ok x

  • That's good to hear. I hope it's a cyst. I really do! But one they can live with. x

  • Awww I feel your frustration, I honestly do. Our bodies have a way of doing their own thing. Hang in there x

  • Bloody thing! x

  • Aw please don't blame yourself emu, you're not broken although I know it sometimes feels like that. You haven't done or not done anything to make this happen..if only it were that easy 😩

    I hope it all works out and you get the green light to continue, lots of luck xx

  • Me too. :( I wish it were easier x

  • Hmmph indeed. Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  • Thanks Lizzie x

  • Hey dear it has happened to me too. Being an endo patient meant off on appearance of cysts and that would increase progesterone in the system. I totally understand d frustration dear . And d worst bit being if with medication also our body doesn't do what it needs to do then we are zapped and don't know where to go from there. But hang to it . I know it's bloody nerve racking but it will work out in d end . After all u don't want to waste ur precious embryo.


  • Thank you tiger-cub. This is a bit more reassuring. And you're totally right... so... they don't go ahead because it's the wrong environment...that's the best thing for us and the embryo. I hate not knowing though. Or worse plans changing that I have no control over! x

  • Keep it everything crossed for u and sending u positive vibes xx

  • Thanks TTCs xx

  • Oh hungeelfor u. I'm going for FET in a few weeks-baseline scan Friday & I had no idea follicles could be a problem!! I just said to my clinic u can guarantee after having nearly no follicles for EC every time, now I bet I have loads!!! So frustrating specially when you're like me & travelling further for all this to

    Can the follicle disappear again? I'm not sure how it all works as it's my 1st time doing transfer only x

  • I'm not sure. It could well be a cyst... but they just don't know. Just when I think I've read everything there is to know about IVF on every google page and book going... I learn something new! ;) x

  • Let's hope it disappears again then whatever it is so u can go ahead as planned x

  • Awww so sorry to hear this it's defo not what you need. Got everything crossed that tomorrow brings better news xxx

  • Ta Button. Hopefully I'll be smiling 24 hours from now x

  • Hi, just to say, don't panic! Happened to me twice, (having a cyst/follicle) and on both times the blood test came back ok. I think quite common.

    Hang on in there, can totally empathise, and what with all the hormones on board, easy to feel all over the place when these things happen! Hope tomorrow brings good news. xx

  • TWICE?! How did you cope with that?! Fingers crossed I'm just like you. Yes! My hormones aren't helping. Just keep crying! And then I don't know why I'm crying because it could be nothing. Stupid body xx

  • Awe Emma, so sorry that today was not as seemless as you had hoped!! Feckin folicles/cysts/tubes/ovaries/eggs....between them we are sure as hell going nuts.

    So hoping its just a cyst and it wony be an issue. Hopefully you get a call early so you know whats happening.

    Try and keep your chin up, tomorrow is a new day 😘❀ xx

  • Cheers chuck. This is most definitely a crazy world. I thought the stresses came after ET not before! Chin up, kettle on, scone and clotted cream being prepared by hubby. πŸ™ˆ Xx

  • Oh blooming heck, if it doesn't rain it pours!! Sounds like you are understandably frustrated, however there is a plan in place for where you go from the results of your blood test. It's all the twists and turns going through all of this that can knock you off completely off kilter 😘

    There is nothing wrong with you, my lovely, sometimes the best laid plans never go how we expect, but agreed humph indeed xxx

    I hope your blood test comes back ok tomorrow beautiful and I shall be thinking of you xxxx

  • Awww thank you Dolly. Honestly don't know what I'd do without all my lovely support mechanisms here xx

  • Anytime beautiful, I have everything crossed for you xxxx

  • After all that support you gave me yesterday, you really are a braver and stronger person than you think; going through all of this and still finding it in your heart to spend time consoling and encouraging others, it's amazing.

    I feel your frustration, the body is a devious system indeed. It can't be helped yet you can't help but blame yourself. Please hang in there, be strong. Take a hot bath and stick on your favourite film in your comfies. You've come so far and it is another hurdle for you to jump through, which you will indeed jump through.

    Sending you lots of love and hugs xxx

  • Oooo Sarah... a hot bath. Now we're talking!! That's a great idea! I think we're all pretty good at helping others and just when I think I've got all the help I can get everyone turns out to support me again. This place is amazing! xx

  • I'm hooked to the site already, and it's only been 24 hours! It's the best support network I could've asked for. My heart really aches for others in the group, but still it's so heart warming that we are all in it together. Enjoy your soak :) xxx

  • Hey lovely. So sorry to see you've had this added stress. When do you get the results from the progesterone test? Hope you get the call soon and all is clear to go ahead next week as planned. Xx

  • Argh must be so frustrating!!! Fingers crossed you get good news today lovely xxxx

  • What a kick in the teeth emu2016! Fingers crossed its just a cyst they can still go ahead with transfer for you! I guess the most important thing is for the Dr's to get everything right for you as you dont want to waste putting an embie back and your body not being in the best condition possible! Chin up and hoping you get some good news today!xx

  • Any news emu2016? By the way loved your comments about 'perfect lining'! My consultant said that to me when absolutely everything else was less than perfect, and I felt like she had offered me a life raft!

  • Hi emu stay strong my dear I know its just incredibly frustrating at times and it's perfectly normal to get upset and start questioning everything at every stage. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow your a fighter and you'll get through this xxx

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