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BFN and moving forward

Hi all,

Did my test today and it was negative. So sad as I really believed it had worked. It was only my first cycle but I've had so long to wait to get to do a cycle. Just very sad as I feel age is not on my side either, I turn 40 next week and so hoped to have good news. Sitting at work but can't concentrate.

We do have 3 frozen embryos stored.

Does anyone know how long before they allow you to get another frozen ET via NHS? We expect we will have to pay some of the costs as we were only allowed one NHS cycle but that doesn't matter. Also can anyone clarify what happens for a frozen transfer, do I need to do any meds before it or is it just a case of having the ET?

Thanks for being here to talk to.


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I am sorry to hear this smallcat. I was also feeling very positive for you too. Well done on going to work, I know it can't be easy.

I was told the NHS in Scotland count 1 cycle as being a fresh transfer plus the transfer of any frozen embryos created during that cycle. Only caveat to this is that once you fall pregnant you are no longer entitled to free NHS treatment and would need to pay for storage and/or use of any remaining frozen embryos. So I don't believe you will have to pay.

I think most women have to wait around three months for a FET to allow their bodies a chance to recover.

Hope this helps. Take good care of yourself and plan some nice things to do over the coming weeks. Best of luck for your frozen transfer x


Thanks so much Hopeful1982. I have so much more understanding for all the people who have been through many cycles of this. It is painful & cruel but I keep thinking I am being prepared to be stronger and more determined. Hope.

I just spoke to the clinic , both the nhs team and the private team at same hospital. You're right, we do get funded cycles with the three frozen embryos, good news. Bad news is the first follow up app is not until 23rd Sept, which seems ages away now. After that I expect it will be into Oct/Nov before I would get my next frozen transfer.

I really hoped it would be sooner.

I asked the private unit how long until their first app and they said end of Sept too, so no benefit switching to private. I might enquire with another couple of private clinics to make sure.

I don't fully understand why we need time to recover before the next ET? October seems like a world away.


I know it must seem like a eternity!

This time last year I was desperate to start IVF as I wanted this nightmare to end. In the end we waited. We went on holiday, I went for counselling, started Tai Chi (Glasgow Life do classes) and kept up my acupuncture. Once we reached the top of the list I felt much more relaxed emotionally as physically prepared for IVF. In the end I was actually glad we had to wait! I'm not sure if hat helps but the point is made it as time to prepare yourself and your body for round 2.

I'll send you a PM about a private clinic we went too.

Take care x


Hi Smallcat, I'm so sorry to hear this, really sad news :-(

You will need to give your body time to recover and get all the meds out of your system, but the positive is that you do have 3 frozen embryos which means you still have hope. Keep positive and although it's going to be difficult try to enjoy your birthday and your break away.

Thinking of you xxx

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Hi smallcat I was reading your post and I'm so sorry that cycle didn't work for you, I can only imagine how devastating that must feel right now, but its really positive you still have 3 frozen embryos so all is not lost. Try stay positive and l will keep my fingers crossed for you that the next will work xx

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Hi smallcat, I am sorry it didn't work for you this time and it's good you are at work to keep you mind off. All the best xx

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Hi smallcat I an so sorry that it dignity work. Understanding how you feel, as two FET failed on my side, Thinking of you and hoping you would find a way to cling to hope and give your body and mind some time to relax. I know it's easier said than done. But it's really really helplessly finding a string to hold on, building hope for next process. Thinking of you xx

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Thanks for all the messages of support. Really helps so much to have this forum and that people follow your journey. I'll focus on the break away next week. We have a private app at GCRM on Mon 17th Aug which will tell us how soon we could do a frostie with them. Best plan seems to be going down the private route for this next stage.

Best wishes, xxx


Smallcat - so sorry to hear it didn't work. Take care x

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