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Lining Update....😊

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So went for my scan today as had a feeling yesterday I was due up ovulate so booked in for a scan today. Woke up today to my smiley face on the ovulation sticks!

Scan showed my lining at its thinnest at 7.6mm and just over 8 at its thickest!!

Can’t quite believe it as never had it this thick without doing a fresh transfer! So transfer planned for next Thursday, of which test day will be Xmas Eve/Xmas Day, of which times pretty well, as least I’ll know by Xmas day the result! Really thick the implantation cuts and hysto I had in Athens last month has helped my lining. Fingers crossed 🀞🏻

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This is brilliant news. Wishing you all the best for a perfectly timed bfp 🀞🏻✨ xx

Aww brilliant news!

After I said to you on the last post that I always have thick linings I went for my scan yday and there was a newbie student nurse.

Initially they said oh it doesn’t look thick enough yet and were about to move on when I expressed my surprise.

Really?! I said I never have issues.... luckily she looked again and from a diff view she managed to see it was thick enough. 8mm+ ( I think that’s less than last time but thank goodness! )

So yay- were in the same boat and I think we’ll prob be having transfer same day too! I’m waiting for their call this afternoon.

Fingers crossed For both of us 🀞 x

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Cycle buddies then 😊 fingers crossed for us both πŸ‘πŸ» lining can vary so much month to month, amazing how it can but glad yours is good too 😊xx

This is great! Hopefully you get a lovely Christmas surprise this xx

That is amazing!!! Well done!!! Have my fingers crossed for you 🀞

Great news. Fingers crossed for a lovely Christmas present for you xxx

Brilliant news my partner went for her scan today and lining was 12mm thick. So transfer next Thursday aswell

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Another cycle buddy 😊 12mm is amazing! Only ever if my dreams would I get that thickness! Haha! Roll on Thursday πŸ˜¬πŸ˜ŠπŸ€xx

Awww brilliant news lovely!! Really pleased to hear that you can go ahead....what a difference a few days has made too! Woo hoo!!πŸ‘ πŸ™Œ Good luck for transfer!🀞xxx


Fantastic news, fingers crossed for you xx

Great news x

Great news. Good luck for the transfer.

Fantastic news! Fingers crossed for you and hope you get that BFP for Christmas 🀞 xx

Hi baby2016, congratulations on your Christmas BFP! I saw your previous posts about thin linings and then obviously this increased and was successful, I just wondered if there was anything you did differently etc which may have helped? Some of your previous posts about think linings are almost identical to some of mine! Xx

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Hi abbey, think it was down to the hysteroscopy i had the month before! Xx

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That’s interesting as I’m waiting for an appointment for one of those as the next steps- what happened as a result of your hysteroscopy/did they find anything etc?

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