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A high moment on the IVF roller coaster!


Had egg collection on Tuesday one ovary retrieved from abdominally (ouchy!) 5 eggs collected and 3 have fertilised. Just had the call from embryologist and she described all 3 embryos as text book and top quality so transfer scheduled for day 5. Feeling over the moon! There are so many crappy moments on this journey I'm going to revel in having a smile on my face today and dare for that flutter of hope to return to my heart.

Today will be spent tidying up behind the plasterer because renovating your home and IVF is a great plan for your mental health and purse strings!!!!

Also back to the land of midwifing tomorrow and a HUGE child protection case meeting ahhhh the joys!

For now I'm going to stay in my happy bubble.

Lots of love to you all x x x

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Oooh sounds like you've had a really rough time, that does sound ouchy indeed! Well done and great news that you still have 3 strong ones! Good luck for transfer, hope it all goes well!xx

Thanks lovely hope all goes well for you too xxx

Hey lovely, just read your comment and then saw this!! Sooooo thrilled! It was definitely a day for 3's yesterday and its such great news they are such good quality as well!! Roll on Monday!!! WHOOP!!! Enjoy your day of freedom before what sounds like a very testing job reality at times xx

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Ohhh it most certainly is keeps me on my toes! Still can’t believe you’ve had all three transferred so amazing!!! You must feel well and truly full of embryo 🤣 xxx

That's great news, off to a good start!! Best of luck for the next stages xxx

This is fab news. Good luck for transfer xx

Good luck for the transfer!! Xx

My goodness you have a lot going on at the moment. Fair play to you for managing it all. You’re super woman!

Delighted to hear your embryos are doing well and all is moving in the right direction for your transfer xx

Fab news! Wishing you lots of luck 💕 xx

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