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Making a decision on IVF


In August I'm going to be 28. I was never thinking about having a baby. And never thought that I might be not able to have a baby. Couple of months ago I've found out that I'm actually not. I'm not married (I have a boyfriend, but we are going through a tough times now). I'm here to try to understand if I'm ready to change my life. The absence of the chance made me understand that I might need this chance, that I'm a woman, that I deserve more, that I deserve to give a birth.

My story is still to begin. I've read some of yours and I want to thank all and each of you! You are splendid, you are gorgeous, you are beautiful women that fight for life! I'm holding your hands and thinking if I'm as courageous as you, ladies!


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You do deserve it. But you still have time on your side my dear so try not to worry too much right now.

Hi louiloo, I'm sorry to hear you're facing this decision. If you don't mind me asking what has the Dr diagnosed you with? Have you seen a fertility specialist yet? You have time on your side but I would say just looking at your options for the future might make you feel more in control xx

Louiloo in reply to Aleelilook

Hi! So it all started about half a year ago, when I started having ovulation problems. I was bleeding when I was supposed to have ovulation. I took several tests, there were no infections, no diseases, basically - no rational explanation for that disorder. I kept having it for 4 months, 2 months ago it stopped. I didn't take any medications to stop it. But while I was taking tests, they found out that I have diabetes. And later it came to the diagnosis - infertility. Since about 3 months I've been on a diet due to diabetes. There is no bleeding. But dr says that I'm not ovulating. She doesn't know when exactly did I stop ovulating.

I would go and see a fertility specialist, it seems rather a sweeping statement to just say you're infertile, sometimes they can kickstart ovulation, or at least find some solution for you and support you through this. Xx

Louiloo in reply to Aleelilook

Probably you are right. I think I'm just getting prepared to the worst. Cause since they've found my diabetes it started to feel like it's really so. And I think I'm kind of afraid to hear that from the fertility specialist. Like giving myself a "chance". Thank you for your support! I know that I should stay positive. It's good to read all those posts (and comments especially) to know that it's not a disaster even if it is so. That people are going through it.

So sorry to hear about your situation. It is best, as Aleelilook mentioned, to see a specialist. There is still time on your side, and you can trust medical science today to help you out. Good luck to you

Wow what a lovely post, you so deserve it sweet xxx

Hi. Just wanted to say that you still have a good few years to try for a baby. I would highly recommend that you wait until things have settled with your boyfriend before making any decisions. The last thing you want is to bring a baby into a broken relationship. Go see your gp. If you are diabetes you should be on metformin. This drug is used for non diabetic patients to help regulate periods. Maybe go back to gp and ask more questions x

Dear ladies, gorgeous, wonderful ladies! Thank you so much for the support! For all this information! It's so encouraging! I feel now much more confident!

And yes, of course it's no good to go through that having the relationships falling apart. I've been thinking about it. At first I thought that maybe I'm hoping for mending what is getting broken by becoming more of a woman. But then I realized, that maybe I do not feel myself a 100% woman being not able to become a mother. Even if we never planned a family before. But since all that started I think I lost my self confidence that way. And now I want to mend myself at first, I want to be a woman as I am at first, and only then - for the man who is or going to be with me. It still confuses me. And I still haven't even began any treatment or even visiting a fertility doctor. But I think I should whenever I'm alone or in the relationships ... Thank you dears! I think I'll be back with more questions. Or just for the support that I didn't expect to have! I've never met you, but you are so beautiful) Only beautiful souls are able to give such a support. And to go through all this fighting for new life!

Hello again!

I was roaming through the posts here and started to doubt a bit. On the one hand I can wait till we settle everything down with my boyfriend (I talked to him by the way, about infertility as it is, not yet about planning a baby. He was better than I thought and understood how it's important for me!) and keep trying it without medical help. On the other hand, the sooner I start, the better. And now I'm in good physical form, which is also important. And I don't know if diabetes gonna change it( Did anyone have to make such a decision? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you, darlings!

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