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A little advice needed


Hi all hope you are all well.

I had a cancelled cycle in October due to my frostie not surviving the thaw, a few days after I stopped the meds I had my withdrawal bleed.

My period then came on the 13th of November, which i thought great my cycle has returned to normal. Lasted the normal 5 days but was lighter than normal.

Fast-forward to today old AF is back. Its only been 12 days since my last one ended. I have a bit of a twinge on my left side

I have PCOS and my cycles are usually around the 33 day mark.

What the hell is wrong with me


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I’m really not sure. Perhaps it’s just that your cycles are still a bit erratic after your failed cycle.. Is it worth you asking your clinic or gp? Perhaps even send Diane a message because she’s great with stuff like this xx

It's just the next cycle after the immediate one from coming off medications... so I guess Tugsgirl is right about it. PCOS makes the cycles erratic anyway and the failed cycle or like abandoned cycle could definitely throw in some more of the whimsicalness in your cycles. It should be fine to wait it out for another cycle if there are no other problems like excruciating pain or inexplainable bleeding. Of course, you can talk to the doc as well even now... to get more insight into what's happening.

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