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Advice needed!


Hey ladies..

For my fresh cycle I arranged to have 3 weeks off work 1 weeks IVF leave and 2 weeks Holiday.. my transfer got cancelled due to OHSS, so I’m just doing my frozen transfer now. I’ve been feeling very very stressed with work, to the point of not being able to forget about it at all. I’ve spoken to work today both my HR manager and my OPs support manager about my concerns of work pressure on my frozen cycle, one advised me to take the time off I need and not to worry about my job as it will be there when I get back and the HR manager offered me paid leave so I can get myself together and be able to have the best possible start for the embryo.

Now here’s the pickle, I am very grateful for both their support and I don’t want to seem like I am taking advantage of it but I think I should be asking for a couple of days before transfer so I can switch off and up until test day. So 14days in total.

Does this seem excessive? I would be able to get a sick note for the whole 14 days from my clinic but the Hr manager said not to worry or justify it just take what I need.

What do you think?

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They’ve told you to take what you need. You should probably take what you feel you need. Xx

Your doctor will happily give u a sick note for as long as u need. I didnt take any time off b4 transfer and none once the eggs were back in.. i had one day sick the day i did the test and it was neg.

This time im doing it different i will have time off once eggs are in probabaly only 3 days

Hi there, I think it’s something that only you can decide. I had two days off sick and then a week and a half off holiday for my fresh transfer. On my FET I took 2 weeks holiday.

This time around I’m thinking of just taking a week off and to go back during the 2ww, as I don’t want to be pondering on whether it’s worked or not! 💕 xx

I didn't take anytime off prior to the transfer and wish I had. I went back to work after 3 days off after the transfer and in hind sight it was too soon. I think take what you need (especially if you can take it without too much fuss) as if things don't work out you will beat yourself up about how you could have taken more time off. As women we are expected just to soldier on and work through it all and do not take the time to allow ourselves to actually relax and take it all in. I wish you the very best of luck and have my fingers crossed for you as this is always the most difficult bit xx

I think you need to decide yourself how you feel. I always feel the worst when I’ve had the prostap injection, the 2 weeks after that I am ill and crying all the time. My first 2 cycles I never took any off and carried on with my work load and probably was pretty stressed. This is now my 3rd and staying off sick for the full thing. I do know if it doesn’t work though I need to go back to work and will be for my next cycles. X

Sounds as if work are amazingly supportive. Take the time off you need...relax and destress.

Thanks everyone! I’ve sent the email asking for the full 2 weeks. 1 day before transfer and 13 days after 🤞🏻 If they say no I will get my sick note. I’m very lucky they’ve been so supportive x

And they’ve agreed my two weeks off 💃 arranged cover for me too... so the store doesn’t suffer!

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