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Discomfort after egg collection


I had my egg collection on Thursday and due to have my 5 day transfer tomorrow. I still feel discomfort on my ovaries. It’s like an ache more than a pain. I had 19 eggs collected and my bloods showed despite so many eggs, my risk OHSS is quite low. Is this normal I still ache? Will I be ok for transfer? I’m also concerned I’m due to go back to work the day after transfer and I don’t know how I will sit at a desk all day feeling uncomfortable x

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Oh my goodness, you had quite a lot of eggs retrieved so your poor ovaries will be tender after all they’ve endured. I don’t think it would do any harm to give your clinic a call as they know your medical history and will be able to advise you accordingly. Keep drinking lots of water and keep an eye on your urine output. Maybe you could take some paracetamol and use a hot water bottle today to help with the ache. Good luck for transfer tomorrow xx

Ruby26 in reply to Dunla

Thank you, the clinic said they will check before my transfer to make sure everything is ok! X

Dunla in reply to Ruby26

Hoping all will go smoothly x


Hi Ruby. Although you may not have over stimulated, your ovaries are probably still a bit active. Drinks lots of water and take some paracetamol if needed, unless something else has been prescribed. Have a rest when you can, but have a walk around in between. Good luck! Diane

Ruby26 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you! X

I was the same! I was still very uncomfortable until about 2/3 days after my transfer. I think it’s fairly normal, particularly as you had so many eggs collected. I had 16 collected and dr said he would expect me to be sore for a good week afterwards x

Ruby26 in reply to Kitcat12

Thank you!

I'm sorry it brings you a bit of discomfort. During my 1st egg retrieval they managed to retrieve 10 eggs. Everything went well. But all the days leading to the ER was the hard part. They put you to sleep so you don't feel anything. The recovery wasn't bad at all for me. I did have some cramps here and there. But I hear often that's normal. If they were able to take out a lot of eggs you were more likely to have mild OHSS at the least. I'm glad to hear you didn't develop it. Also Dr told me to drink lots of Gatorade to keep myself hydrated. Good luck with your ET! Try to rest and relax today. Easier said then done I know but try to do you best. xx

Ruby26 in reply to andylins

Thank you, I’m trying to take it easy still x

I had 26 eggs collected and felt awful (could barely get out of bed) until day 3 when it suddenly eased right off and I felt normal again. Transfer went ahead with no issues I wasn’t in any discomfort after that.

So I know you’re another day further along but just wanted to let you know it is normal to be uncomfortable a few days afterwards. Keep on with the paracetamol and drink lots of water and hopefully it’ll settle down soon. Good luck for your transfer x

Kitcat12 in reply to kt_11

26!! Wow!

kt_11 in reply to Kitcat12

😂 Think that’s why I was so uncomfortable for a few days. I think I was lucky to avoid OHSS to be honest but all was good and one of them is now my little boy x

Kitcat12 in reply to kt_11

Aw lovely! It’s always nice to hear a success story x

Ruby26 in reply to kt_11

Thank you! X

I had 41 collected and ended up with OHSS (surprise, surprise!), so I know how you must be feeling.

Is there the option to have a frozen transfer if you're still feeling yucky tomorrow?

(And like everyone else has said: drink lots of water. And have lots of protein, to help with the production of albumin – a component of blood that helps to keep the fluid part of the blood from leaking out of the capillaries.)

Ruby26 in reply to mishslade

I could but I’ve come so far I would prefer to have a fresh if possible and it still has a good chance of sticking! I’ve been drinking a lot and trying my best to eat protein so hopefully just a couple more days x

Sounds completely normal to me. I had 19 at my last collection a few months ago too. Drink lots of fluids, at least 2-3 litres. If it’s any consolation, despite my discomfort, I was able to go ahead with transfer on day 5 xx

Ruby26 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you! I’ve got transfer today so I am hoping they let me still go ahead! X

Tugsgirl in reply to Ruby26

Hey 👋🏻 Hope all went ahead/well today xx

Ruby26 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you, it went ok but I am feeling very dizzy and nauseous this evening. No OHSS as of yet though thankfully x

Kitcat12 in reply to Ruby26

Glad transfer went well, welcome to the 2WW! Keep going with the water x

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