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Really heavy bleeding!

Hi All, I have a too much information post - hope no ones eating their dinner!! I had my hysteroscopy last month, bled for a good week, maybe abit more but all fine, I also had my next period & that was also pretty much normal then this month I started bleeding (which I know I’ve posted about) a week early - really heavy blood which then went into period - well it never actually stopped so I assume it is (I also have this cyst in my ovary which has stopped our treatment next week) but I have been heavy heavy bleeding for over a week & a half now - I can’t keep on top of it there’s so much but it’s all fresh red blood! Even my boyfriend said this morning, how can you still be bleeding?!! Should I be worried?

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Hey hun I had a cyst on my left ovary almost 5cm. I didn't know I had until I had an internal scan...I bled for a month straight and so heavy my doctor had to put me on blood thickeners cause I was losing so much blood!! So had a scan and found out I had a "complicated cyst" on my left ovary. So it had to be removed and luckily there was nothing abnormal about it. But yes was very scary I just would not stop bleeding. But once it was removed everything went back to normal. Maybe you need an OP to get it removed? Xx


I would definitely speak with your clinic / doctor. They will be the only ones who know your complete medical history / what to do.

It sounds so draining to be losing that much blood.

I hope you get an answer soon xx


I agree, I only had a little bleeding after my hysteroscopy, and my periods were normal afterwards, so I def think it's worth contacting gp/clinic and see what they say xox

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Good luck, if anything they will be able to give you medical reassurance and some advice xx


It sounds like you’ve really been bleeding a lot. I would definitely get on to your doctor or clinic today to get it checked out. Take care xx


I had heavy bleeding after my last gynae surgery & my GP said if the bleeding continued heavily for 10 days I would need to see her & she would check for infections. I would advise you to call your GP for advice. xoxo


I think you should speak to your clinic or at least see your GP as this doesnt sound quite right....especially as you are bleeding so heavily by the sounds of things!!xx


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