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Don't panic


As I sit here sipping on my pomegranate juice and munching on a couple of Brazil nuts I mention to my OH that we need a pineapple as I must have 1/4 a day (no hint of a manic look in face at all - honest). Quite seriously he looks me right in the eye and asks what I must do with it? Stick it up my nose???

Ha ha

Just a reminder to all that we really can get carried away with there being so much advice out there, be it superstition, verging on obsessive compulsive (another story about me and solitaire) or just simply something we think we must do - try not to let those small things build up and cause even more stress.

The main thing to do is to relax and focus on the desired outcome. It will happen and it's going to be soon.


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Ha ha ha that reminds me of when I asked our NHS embryologist what I should eat etc. He asked what I meant and I said "well pineapple is meant to be good for making the embryo stick". He laughed out loud and said "well that's a new one for me, never heard that before". Boy did I feel stupid, didnt stop me from stopping at the shops to buy two on the way home from transfer though! Ha ha ha Hope you're having a nice relaxing time out there!! Fingers crossed for you guys.xx

Thank you Cindarella5xx

We are going for cake (no reason other than we want some), acupuncture then transfer, then acupuncture again... OH asked if we might be able to fit in an explore at some time. He does have a fair point... He he

Ha ha ha cake sounds like a lovely treat! Love, love, love go exploring if you can its so beautiful (one of my fav places) and good to get the blood flowing to your uterus for that little embie to snuggle in!xx

Definitely. Last time we had a wander around park guell the day after. It was stunning. This time we plan a trip to Montserrat tomorrow. And of course, we will be at las ramblas, the beach the old town etc etc x

Oh enjoy, Im a tad envious! Ha ha ha xx

I LOVE your calm / relaxed attitude to all this! Most of the time I am ok but tend to overthink now and again- I’m sure this will help you with your next

transfer - all the best and enjoy your trip!


Definately agree with you, I did none of the old wives tales and mine stuck!!! Oh and I was also extremely stressed/nervous and crying almost nearly everyday after transfer. Good luck ❤️❤️❤️❤️ xx

Camillage in reply to Hidden

Oh wow. That must have been so hard. Congratulations xxx

You’re so right. It’s hard not to become a bit obsessive about it all. Hope you can relax and enjoy your cake and acupuncture. Good luck with the transfer xx

Haha this just made me chuckle...been to gym 1st thing to encourage blood flow in my uterus ready for Dec,got back had a banana,avocado and spinach smoothie and mid morning had a glass of semi skimmed milk and handful of Brazil and walnuts and lunch I will have 2 boiled eggs....trying to cancel out any takeaway or glass of alcohol I may have in the week lol

Anyway hope your ok my lovely,sounds like your managing to get some relaxation time in,I have my fingers and toes crossed for you both xx

Reading this has made my day! 🙏✨

I too started today with my pomegranate juice and Brazil’s and have pineapple on my shopping list to get on Sunday (ready for aft transfer on Mon)!!

Yes it may sound crazy to others but for us that live, breathe and dream of getting our BFP at least it makes us feel like we are doing something!

I know what you mean though, my hubby sometimes has to reign me in when I start going a bit too kooky ha ha!! 😂😬 xxx

Don’t forget the McDonald’s chips post transfer!! I almost split from my other half because he couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near Maccas and suggested we leave!!! Didn’t he realise how important it was!!

Despite chips, acu, avocado, pineapple (including core), 2 Brazil nuts a day, socks 24/7 to ‘keep uterus warm’, feet above head 30 mins a day to increase blood flow, gentle exercise daily to increase blood flow, at least two orgasms day before transfer day (!) to increase blood flow, no hot baths and no carrying anything sadly mine didn’t stick ...

I was so fraught trying to remember it all I think I forgot to chill out and take some time for myself like you say

Next time I am going to give at LEAST the chips a miss 😂

Good luck! Hope you get a tiny walk around so you can take a deep breath, let your shoulders drop a bit and appreciate warmer climes before you get home to winter! xx

Camillage in reply to Daisy1245

Wow. My OH was asking if I was remembering my drugs ok yesterday and that is only 2! Haha

We definitely do go overboard. My acupuncture lady mentioned the clinic here that send people off for a glass of red wine afterwards. She did not recommend that at all. But it was just another reminder that we just need to remember to relax.

Me, I have comedy downloaded to watch later xx

ShinyStar in reply to Daisy1245

Ha ha I love this, I’m looking forward to my McD’s chips on Monday but am already preempting my hubby saying ‘let’s just go home and leave the chips’ no!!! 😂😂😂 xxx

Camillage in reply to ShinyStar

Definitely no way he can skip the chips! I made do with some crisps and a mint tea.... OH is having beer 😬

Honestly I’ve added more supplements I’ve got pomegranate juice and was reading beetroot juice is good for uterine lining also. Yeah Brazil nuts for selenium you could go on forever so I had a bottle of wine and an indians with the girls last night need to chill out sometimes.

Camillage in reply to gcw104

Definitely. That is more important than anything else. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves who we are xx

I’m dropping the pineapple, I may have some pure juice but I hate the whole pineapple anyway. I think you’re right. I know I obsess too much and the last two transfers have been bfns anyway. Thank you for giving me food for thought and you know I hope today goes smoothly, that it’s a magical day ✨ xx

Camillage in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you. I am now PUPO! Bring on the comedy xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Camillage

Brilliant!! xx


Congratulations on being PUPO 🎉 Come on little embie...P.s. I didn't eat pineapple but I did drink beet juice and eat Brazil nuts. Oh the things we do 😂 xx

Camillage in reply to Hidden

Pineapple is a tricky one xx

Haha the things we worry about. I hate the pineapple core, it's weird! But I quite enjoy the pomegranate juice. Hoping your embie is a sticky one xx

Ha! We’ve all been there! Sending you lots of luck for your 2ww xx


Ha! so funny. I had three pineapples the days after transfer. My tongue started to hurt. I had to drop the pomegranate juice , makes me want to vom. All the needles, the vaginal prodding and drugs and pomegranate juice is where I draw the line....

Camillage in reply to Hidden

Ha ha ha. I know. We just think one more little thing won't hurt but we do have to draw the line somewhere! I like them sprinkled on salads but it is a bit much to drink a whole glass of it. He he x

Your post has really resonated with me and is so true! We put ourselves through so much for this don't we, I say this as I drink my beetroot and Pom juice!

My latest stress is not wearing any perfumed products for the transfer, I didn't even know about this until someone recently put a post up about it! Trip to the health shop today for a basketful of products.

Sounds like you're having a good time in Barcelona, very jealous! All the very best to you for transfer day! Xxx

Camillage in reply to Abaco

Oh yes, don't want to scare the embryo! Although last time I completely forgot on the morning of transfer and washed my hair with pongy shampoo as well as using my aluminium deodorant and schooshing myself with perfume.... woops.

I have also recently discovered that we have to be careful too about nail polish and hair dye.

How does anyone ever get pregnant? Pass me the drugs and cigarettes! (They seem to work for folks hanging out about outside maternity units)


Good luck xx

Abaco in reply to Camillage

So very true!

We put ourselves through so much to get that all important bfp! There was a huge chocolate cake in our staffroom on Friday, I sat there eating my pumpkin seeds... so not fair!!! X

Camillage in reply to Abaco

Ouch. That must have been so hard. Well done x

Abaco in reply to Camillage

Incredibly hard but transfer is hopefully a week on Monday so am sticking to it!🤜🏼🤞🙏👍🏼


Good vibes coming your way! 😀🤞🙏💖✨ xxx

Camillage in reply to AS100

Thank you so much xx


Just wanted to wish you the absolute best for this transfer! pineapples, cake, nuts, whatever works to keep you relaxed! I definitely didn’t eat all the things recommended or otherwise second time around but enjoyed the sun and being outside. And lots of pizza (defo not on any list!) Thinking of you 🤞🏻X💪

Camillage in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much. Just the waiting now, oh and OH carrying all the luggage about xx

Congratulations on being pupo. I too did the Brazil nuts and the pineapple before/after transfer. 🙈🙈 Hoping you'll be able to relax during the 2ww. Best of luck! Xx

Thank you. I have lots of relaxing planned. Just hope it all works! The mind is a strange thing ha ha xx

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