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Please don't give up

I would just like to give all you ladies a little hope.

After trying to conceive for 8 years, I started ivf February 2014.

We decided not to tell anyone so it didn't put more pressure on us than we already had.

It takes so much out of you mentally and physically.

After having the egg transfer we was all upbeat and looking to the future.

Then the worst day of my life, I had a period on the 3rd of March, I was distraught and couldn't face anyone, just wanted to lock myself away. Not that anyone new what we were going through.

Then the unthinkable happened on the 4th April I realised my period was late, I'm like regular as clock work.

I did a pregnancy test and to my disbelief it was positive, I wouldn't let myself believe so done a further 4 over the next couple of days.

Then I realised my dream had come true.

I didn't have any reason that the hospital could come up with for not conceiving, and my husband had children before we got together.

Now we have a healthy beautiful baby boy who is 15 weeks old.

The drugs that I took must have give my body the kick that I needed, because two weeks after the failed ivf I conceived naturally.

Good luck to all you ladies I know how very hard it is, and I really feel for you.


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Thanks so much for sharing this!! :) Congratulations on the birth of your little boy! Xx


This is really lovely to hear. Congratulations XX


Thanks for sharing this great news xx


Thank so much for sharing your experience, it gives hope.


Thanks and congratulations


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