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Bpb at 5dp5dt!

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Today I am officially 4 weeks pregnant! I cannot believe it. My transfer was last Monday on 10/8. I tested Saturday amd it was positive. Did my beta level yesterday it was 211. We abstained from sex for 8 days during the transfer time. Last night my husband and I had sex and when he finished he pulled out and there was light spotting. I freaked out and so did he. Even though it was not the first time. It happened before the transfer before too. Not sure if its because I am taking estrogen and PIO shots too. Anyone had something similar?

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I've not had anything similar but a huge congratulations are in order 💐xxx

First of congratulations wonderful news & nice strong numbers 🎉🎉🎉

As for the spotting I would try not to worry ( easier said than done) I had some spotting ( brown & pink) last week @6.5 weeks & freaked out! My GP was very reassuring & told me as long as it wasn’t heavy bleeding & I wasn’t in lots of pain not to worry & spotting during early pregnancy is very common but terrifying when it happens to you.

It could be implantation bleeding ( that’s pink & brown) & can happen during 12 weeks.

If you are really worried your GP can refer you to the early pregnancy unit for a early scan @6 weeks for reassurance xoxo

Your cervix is probably extremely sensitive at the moment so try not to worry too much as long as it’s only spotting. Congratulations btw xx

Congratulation this is wonderful news. But i have not had that situation at all. But base on my research i would not worry because remember that spotting can be a sign on the sensitivty of ur cervix.

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