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Can’t believe I’m in limbo again!!


So here I am again worrying about if I’m going to miscarry... I’m about 7/8 weeks pregnant.

I woke up in the early hours of Tuesday morning with an horrendous urine infection, spent 3 hours weeing every 10 mins! Every time I went for a wee it would send my bladder into spasm.

About half way through this I started to notice blood. I had brown blood on my panty liner and there was pink blood when I wiped. It’s been minimal like I can wear the same panty liner all day.

I rang my gp yesterday morning and he finally rang me back last night. I’m on antibiotics for the urine infection and when I mentioned the spotting I was told to keep an eye on it for the next 24 hours. I thought it had stopped but I had a bit more last night. There’s blood on my panty liner but not when I wipe.

I just can’t believe I’m now in limbo again!! I have an antenatal appointment tomorrow morning so I’m hoping they can shed some light. Part of me hopes that the bleeding is just where my cervix is irritated from having sex which is what triggered the uti and the spasms just brought the blood to the surface as the spasms were enough to push the remainder of my pessary out, the other part of me can’t help but think the worst.

I’m so scared I’m going to have a miscarriage again. Ive already had two.. I’ve not really had any cramps since the spotting started but then I didn’t have any last time I miscarried and both my miscarriages started with brown spotting. I just can’t believe that I’m in this situation, I thought getting pregnant was supposed to be the hard part! 🙄😢

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Sorry to hear that you’re in limbo. Just wanted to say everything crossed for you Hun xx

Binky1983 in reply to Hidden

Thanks xx

Im so sorry that you are having such an anxious time! Its understandable that you are worried sick but hopefully everything will settle down and you can get some reassurance from the clinic tomorrow. Must be a hellish situation to be in, wishing you all the best!xx

Thanks. I really hope they can help, I think it’s just a standard booking appointment but I’m hoping they can still tell me what’s going on and hopefully give me some reassurance. Xx


I’m sorry you are having such a difficult time.

As you know I had some spotting Thursday & some happened at the weekend after suffering badly with constipation. It was pink & brown & only a tiny amount when I wiped.

I also like you freaked at the sight of it! And phoned my GP! She was very reassuring & said as it was only a small amount & only pink/brown ( although she said red would okay too) & no pain with heavy bleeding not to worry. Although she said some women can bleed heavily and baby is okay ; I am one of those ( I had heavy bleeding with my son @7 weeks ) my sister bled heavily between weeks 5-7 with my nephew & niece and my sister in law had several big bleeds and my nephew was fine! My mum spotted with me & my sister ; she must have been very worried as my Dad 37 years on remembered it when she told him I had some spotting!!!

Spotting & bleeding in early pregnancy seems very common but nevertheless is terrifying when it happens to you.

I think it’s tough being pregnant after a loss I worry much more than I think I would otherwise.

The cervix can become easily irritated in early pregnancy & also I read that you can experience implantation bleeding till 12 weeks! Which is pink & brown.

With my experience of a very early miscarriage I started with bright red spotting which continued into very heavy fresh blood with huge blood clots ( size of my fists) and that was @4.5 weeks so I would imagine a miscarriage @ 7/8 weeks would be much more intensive. Once it starts it doesn’t stop.

The advice for spotting/bleeding in early pregnancy is bed rest until it passes.

Really hope it calms down & you can soon get some much needed reassurance that everything is okay xoxo

Binky1983 in reply to Hidden

Thanks. I’m hoping it eases off completely and then I will relax again if it stops for more than a few days.

My last miscarriage was a chemical and I bled straight for a week. The first one I’m not sure how far I was, I’m thinking about 5/6 weeks I spotted for two days and it stopped for a day and then came back and got heavier and more painful.

My gp wasn’t great yesterday, it was the duty dr and he hadn’t even read my notes. So he didn’t provide any reassurance and said to wait.

Fingers crossed everything is ok, my appointment tomorrow is my first one so I think it’s my booking appointment but I’m sure they will be able to give me some advice. It’s so tough being in this situation I don’t think I’ll ever fully relax. Xx

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’ve had one miscarriage at 10wks, and I was bleeding for weeks before my miscarriage, the limbo was the hardest thing. Starting bleeding again would be so scary, because of your past experience, it’s only normal that you’re thinking it could be happening again. I don’t really have any advice, but I just wanted to reach out and send best wishes and hope. It’s really hard because we don’t know what’s going on, and we can’t control it. It’s such a hard time not knowing what’s happening. But I’ve heard so many stories of ladies having bleeding, even massive bleeds, and then baby being ok. I hope you have lots of support around you. Sending my prayers and hope that everything will be ok x

Sorry you had to go through it too. It’s a horrible experience.

One of my friends had bleeding throughout all of her pregnancy and was fine. It’s so hard when you’ve already had a loss it makes you all the more aware of what can happen.

Did you find that you bleed the whole time or did you have days where it stopped / eased off?

I don’t think I’ll get a scan tomorrow but I’ll feel happier after speaking to a midwife rather than the gp as they’re more specialised. Xx

Mine started at 7 weeks with some pink discharge when I wiped. I went to EPAU, they did a scan, and baby was fine, right size, heartbeat going. They couldn’t see any reason for bleeding, sent me home relieved. Then week 8, the bleeding turned to brown, and more of it, like not enough to fill a pad, but not spotting. Off we went to EPAU again, this time convinced I was miscarrying, to be told again, baby was fine, heartbeat good, and had grown since last week, and was the right size etc. They found a pocket of blood on the US, which I now know is called a subchrionic hematoma. They said it was quite small, and the doctor wasn’t really worried about it, they said it didn’t increase my chances of miscarriage, and usually it just bleeds out or gets reabsorbed by my body. So away we went home, happy again, relieved all was ok.

Then at 9 and half weeks, I’d just had my booking in appointment and I noticed the brown bleeding had started having bits of bright red in it. It was Thursday and EPAU couldn’t see me again until Monday. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I just tried to relax, stayed on my sofa. Saturday morning, I woke up and went to the toilet and I felt a big gush and then something dropping out of me. I guessed I was miscarrying, but I still had a tiny bit of hope that it was the hematoma, some people online said that they had passed clots with a hematoma and that baby was ok. I was loosing a lot of blood, soaking through a pad in 10 mins, and I had bad cramps. My fiancé took me to thr EPAU, and I was admitted until Monday when they could scan. I carried on passing clots, then it started easing off by Sunday night. Monday at 9, I had my ultrasound. I had a tiny glimmer of hope that everything would be ok, but the lady said, I’m really sorry, there’s no pregnancy left. I screamed and wailed, I think I had sort of a panic attack. It was awful, but then I could start grieving. I had been 3 weeks on a rollercoaster, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. What I’ve learned from it all was that we have no control. I would have given my life for that little embryo, with it’s tiny heartbeat. I know if the doctors could have done anything, they would have. But no one could have. Equally, nothing I did could have caused it. It doesn’t make it any less cruel. It’s such a tough road, and it completely unfair, that something others take for granted is such a lottery for us. And that even if we do get pregnant, we can never truly relax until the baby’s in our arms. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, and I pray you are one of those who has bleeding and everything’s ok. It’s such a tough tough time x

Also, my bleeding just seem to slowly, over 3 weeks get worse, it never really stopped or eased off

I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that it sounds horrific. Reading people’s stories I got off really lightly I think from the physical side of miscarriage in the past.

I like to think that the anxiety will ease off once I get to 12 weeks but knowing me I’ll probably find something else to worry about.

I really hope I’m one of the lucky ones and I really hope your time comes soon! Xx

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