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Are my light periods affecting my fertility?

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I’ve noticed that since TTC my periods are really light, and only last for 2-4 days at a push. This month: I started spotting (small amount on panty liner), had 2 days of medium flow, im now on my 3rd day and again would class this as spotting (small amount on panty liner).

I’ve been TTC for 10months with no success so far. My cycles are every 30 days. I had an internal scan a couple of months back, and my endometrium was 9.7mm thick with a trilaminer appearance at ovulation, and the nurse said that was ok. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced short periods? Or knew what this could mean for fertility?

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My periods have been like this for years (although when I was younger my flow was heavy) but my lining is always good (and a tri-laminar lining is great btw). I’ve always been assured by every fertility doctor; gp and gynaecologist that a light flow is fine and that as long as you are regular in cycles and ovulating it’s nothing to worry about. I have asked the same question myself many times over. I always get told the same thing xx

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I am the same....told my fertility clinic and they didn't seem to think it was significant. As Tugsgirl said, my lining is always fine too....


Same here got told exactly same thing and I have shorter cycles 25/26 days x

Thanks ladies .. i dont remember them being like this in my teens. 4-5 days long then. Maybe im clutching at straws trying to pin point anything that could possible be wrong as to why its not happening for us xx

Im the same - when I was younger I was always 4-5 days, now I’m barely 3!! I’ve asked our consultant & been told that my lining is tri-laminar, and although not the thickest it looks good and I’m ovulating, so they say it’s not the problem!! 🤷‍♀️ xx

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Sunshine92 in reply to Leo2017

Thank you! Thats reassured me! Ive been googling and as ever Dr Google gives mixed opinions. xx

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Leo2017 in reply to Sunshine92

Google is a nightmare, some days it’s your best friend others it’s your worst enemy!! 😡xx

I’m the same too, used to have quite heavy periods for 4-6 days and now it’s 2-3 days and I always needed super towels/tampons but now I’m ok with regular and probably get away with just a panty liner after 2nd day. I’ve noticed it being a lot lighter since I had a miscarriage but that might just be a coincidence, but like others have said too my lining is fine and tri-laminar too x

Hi, just wanted to say that I also have very light periods and very long pre-period spotting (between 8-12 days before!) - all since I had a miscarriage last year.

And my endometriosis symptoms have also got worse since.

But none of the doctors I’ve seen seemed to react to that which I think it’s a bit strange... 🤔

I have what can only be described as a 12 hour period with a day off followed by up to 3 days of very light occasional spotting. No one seems bothered by it, my womb lining apparently is fine so who knows where it goes every month!

My periods always used to be really heavy then one month I was 2 weeks late and then these weird periods began... fertility aren't bothered so I would take that as a sign it's okay x

My periods have never lasted more than 4 days as standard. They’re usually 2-3. You’re totally within normal. I don’t have any diagnosed fertility problems- in my case it’s hubbie, and I’ve never struggled to get a thick enough lining for transfer. Once we got a normal embryo, I got pregnant. I really don’t think you need to worry about your endometrium unless you have a hysteroscopy that shows something is wrong xx

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