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Can’t believe it’s happening again


I’m only 5w3d and today I’ve started fairly heavy bleeding fresh blood 😔 started out on Friday with dark brown spotting and then today fresh blood and a fair amount of it.

This is my second transfer, the first one ended in m/c which started in similar circumstances.

I don’t know if I can go through all of that again.


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I’m so sorry Carolyn 😢 have you informed your clinic? Maybe an increase in progesterone and bedrest will stop it? I had the same and it did the trick. I’ve been through 6 pregnancy losses and 7 transfers so I know how you how scary and devastating it is but i’m praying hard that’s it’s not over for you 🙏🏼🤞🏼😘xxx

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I’ve spoken to them, too early to scan but they are going to try tomorrow and test my HCG levels. Bed rest & paracetamol for the rest of today.

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Good! Take it easy and rest and I pray the hcg results are excellent 🙏🏼Xxx

Hey carolynhen66

So sorry to hear that but don't rule it out as yet just get some rest and try to relax and fingers crossed for a good hcg. Sending hugs and prayers your way

I’m so sorry Carolyn, it’s so scary when this happens, and can imagine you are devastated. I hope everything turns out well. x

Quick update, ended up in hospital yesterday as the bleeding appeared to get heavier over the day. Have been kept in, and I’m waiting to go for a scan this morning although they aren’t sure they will see much given how early on I am.

However, my HCG levels were in the 6000s yesterday and my haemoglobin levels were also good. So I’m clinging onto the slither of hope that has given me and keeping everything crossed 🤞🏻 for when they test HCG again tomorrow. X

Still in hospital, scans have been inconclusive so far. My bloods increased on Tuesday, but just a little under the expected 66% so no further forward really. Fingers crossed for a good rise in numbers today when my bloods are taken again. Drs worried that it’s an ectopic 😔

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