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ET today - our final one


Hi All

Well we’re back in Prague for our last ever try.

Have made minor changes to this cycle (been taking inofolac, ferrous sulphate and have been having acupuncture).

We asked the doctor yesterday about killer cells yesterday as a possibility for failures so going to give prednisone a whirl as of today.

Flying to Croatia tomorrow to relax for a few days before going back to work next Friday.

Any other tips??


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You seem to have everything covered there. Ive also requested to do prednisone....Dr agreed (although didnt think it was necessary) but told me to cut back on sugar & salt. Wishing you loads of luck, hope transfer all goes well and enjoy croatia!xx

in reply to Cinderella5

I asked about the prednisone as a precaution really, can’t do any harm. I haven’t been tested for NK cells as it was just another added cost and with the acupuncture and everything else I decided against it.

Looking forward to relaxing in Croatia for a few days! X

in reply to Skybid

Ive had the test and Ive a slight increased risk but this is the only thing I havent tried so feel I need to give it a you said no harm in trying as its just a small dose. Keep us posted!xx

I hope goes well today with et and that you get your BFP. Xxx

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