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It’s been a waiting game but got a long awaited call!


So my positive for today! Our IVF ball is rolling 😁We finally got the phone call to say that our clinic has had their license and we now have an appointment on wed. It’s the call we’ve waited 5 months for, so you can imagine the mixture of emotions that I had. My stomach felt like it was full of butterflies, and excitement and everything else. I didn’t even ask what the appointment would involve! So any help or advice, before I ring them tomorrow? I know we will be talking to the donor coordinator, but what else? Thank you, hope your all having a good evening xxx

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Wow exciting news!!! :-)

Have you had all your scans and blood tests already?

So exciting that you can finally go to your appointment :-) xx

Thank you, yes it is! I had bloods and a scan back in May. But wondering if they will take newer ones xx

Babyblues1 in reply to Sweets1

Sure they will as your levels may have changed and they will need to ensure the correct medication. You will probably have to have the scan again too. So exciting, hope Wednesday goes ok, keep us posted xx

Sweets1 in reply to Babyblues1

Thank you so much, will do. It is exciting but nerve racking aswell xx

How exciting! Always good to get going.

I'm not sure what's best to ask but Diane may be able to help you with some questions.

Good luck. Xxx

Sweets1 in reply to genten

Thank you, yes it’s a step in the right direction xx


Hi Sweets1. Just wanted to send you heaps of love and hope for success. Diane

Sweets1 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you xx

We got the same call this week - it’s such a strange feeling as we have been waiting for this for months and now it’s here I’m feeling nervous! We chose donor and had all tests ect before licensing problems but not sure weather we will need to go through it all again. Our appointment isn’t until week after next so let usknow how it goes with you. Best of luck with everything got 🤞🏼 For you xx

Sweets1 in reply to Beps

It is a strange feeling, yes I will, wishing you lots of luck to, let us know how you get on. Thank you and crossing everything for you too xxx

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