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Can't lose weight after ivf


Hello, I got bfn at the end of May, that was my 5th transfer and 2nd round. We are planning to start again in the new year. However I have gained a stone and a half in weight and really struggling to lose it. I exercise 3/4 days a week and eat really healthy. I thought once the drugs were put of my system it would come off but it's not budging at all. Anyone got any tips ??????

Thanks in advance xx

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I’m exactly the same. I’ve done five transfers and two rounds. I can’t shift the weight and I swear I don’t eat any more than I ever did 😕🤷🏻‍♀️ xx

Kitct in reply to Tugsgirl

I know it's horrible. I would mind putting loads on if pregnant but this seems to be another unfair outcome with ivf.

Plus I'm trying to get to my best before we try again and it's not happening. Seen loads of people say it drops off after stop taking drugs 🤔😂xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Kitct

Not for me. I gained weight after the first round two years ago and just kept gaining. Like you I assumed it would drop off too. My bmi is still under 30 so I’m just trying to live with it 😕 xx

My Chinese herbalist helped me. I think one of the tablets I was taking was for my metabolism. I ate very healthily on it but had to stop it for the new ivf round. I'm now pregnant but hoping she will help me after I give birth. I know she helped another patient lose 20kg and the patient wanted to lose a bit more but the herbalist was refusing the tablets as she said the woman didn't need them any more as she didn't need to lose more weight.

Kitct in reply to forMoira

Thank you, congratulations on your pregnancy 🤗

I was the same, during my fresh cycle I put on a stone and struggled to get it off. I found it was coming off but just very small amounts every week. I always weigh myself in kgs as it shows small amounts coming off and can be less disheartening.

I’ve just had my transfer for fet yesterday but can feel already I have put weight on again 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Best of luck xx

Kitct in reply to staceymac83

Good luck xx


If you want to lose a stone and a half you have to have a low calorie intake for the day- so eating healthily will ensure you don’t put more weight on but unless your diet had changed dramatically during IVF, it’s unlikely that your eating a lot less calories than before. Exercise is great for your heart and mental health but does not help most people lose weight. Try an app that tracks what you are eating and you will see your calorie intake for the day and will be able to adjust it to lose weight. Slowly is best-maybe only about a kg a week. I lost 12 kg before my IVF- put on a few kg during treatment but was able to lose it again following these principles. Good luck - it’s not easy

Slimming world helped me - I don’t know why but it did - lost about 2/4 a stone which was all I needed to reach the fabled bmi of 30

I put on over a stone after taking Clomid the first time, I joined SW and although I knew what to do it has helped me loose over 1 1/2 stone so I am very happy. Especially as I was a borderline bmi for further treatment. Sometimes I think you need to have accountability especially when emotions and hormones are involved its so easy to eat things you shouldn't and forget or not realise how much you have had. I have still managed to loose (slowly) through my IUI and fingers crossed I will be putting weight on going forward, but if not I know when I go for IVF I don't have to worry about my weight. Good Luck I can only say what worked for me, I exercise all the time and have a degree in Exercise Physiology so it goes to show that doing what you have always done will probably only give you the same results, sometimes you need to shake things up. xx

Kitct in reply to SVAK

Thank you xx

I've had 3 failed icsi cycles and I've gained a stone each time and I just cant get rid of it

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