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Second baby/IVF/FET

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Was just wondering if anyone has experience on long you have to wait for an FET after having a first baby via IVF/FET? I’ve had a look online but seen conflicting information x

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I don’t think there’s specific guidance. I was asked to wait a year after a complex c-section, but that was because of the surgery and not the IVF. Ideally they wanted two years, but due to my age they said one year to give the scars sufficient time to heal.

Ah okay thank you! I had a c section too so I did wonder if they would want it to be longer than 12 months! X

Yes. Keep in mind that one year before trying was the bare minimum. They’d have preferred two years. Well, we started at one year and now she’s three and still no pregnancy to show for it... hope you’ll fare better! X

I was very fortunate to fall pregnant first time on a frozen cycle however I know it may still be a struggle second time which is why I’d like to start as soon as my baby has turned 1! I’ve got 6 frozen embryos left but I won’t go through ivf again if we use all these and no luck. I am blessed with one which I never even thought I would have! Wishing you lots of positivity for your cycle xx

Oh, such similar situation (but hope you’ll be more lucky than I’ve been). We have our daughter from our second fresh cycle, which was the first ever transfer. Had 7 frozen embryos. I never in my life thought we’d get to transferring no 7 - had assumed to long have been pregnant by now. Well, am PUPO so cross your fingers this is it. At least you’ve got living proof a FET can work for you. I keep thinking there’s something in the methodology not working for my body... we changed a few things up this cycle (finally!). If this one doesn’t work, we’re calling it a day. I’m getting old (41), now have only one ovary so potential egg quantity is halved and I just can’t take more shit, hormones, uncertainty etc.

Hope you won’t ever get to use all your embryos and fall pregnant easily! All the best to you

Thank you so much and wish you all the best with your cycle! Fingers crossed this it for you and your family will be complete! Xx

Thank you so much! Xx

My clinic said 18 months and if I wanted to reduce it to 12 months I’d need a specialist doctor sign off that my c section had suitably recovered.

I had a traumatic pregnancy/ c section delivery of twins last month. I’d like to transfer our last embryos (although husband thinks I’m nuts and won’t agree at the moment), I’m going to wait 12 months (to work on husband!) and then discuss with the clinic (but I’ve had 2 c sections already)

Thanks for your reply & congratulations on your twins!! My daughter was born in October hoping my clinic will allow me to start after 12 months but also had a c section which was planned, didn’t breastfeed and scar healed fine so not sure if these factor in 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve got 6 frozen embryos left 🤞🏻

I was advised 12 months post c section xx

Thank you! Did you have a successful transfer after a first baby? X

I am still waiting. I was all set to go at the beginning of October then had to wait for a scan to check a polyp wasn't cancerous. By the time those results came through we had started wave 2 and I didn't think the risk of travelling (I have to go to spain) was worth it. So now we are waiting, and waiting. Xx

Oh no! I really feel for anyone who’s cycles have been put on hold due to covid. I was lucky enough to have my transfer in February last year and fall pregnant just before the first lockdown. Wishing you luck and I hope you can get to do your cycle very soon! X

You get such conflicting information. My nurse said that because my c section was planned and went smoothly, I could technically try a FET 3 months later! It would have been different if there’d been more complications.... Whether the clinic would have actually done it I don’t know. we weren’t ready that soon (obviously) . LO is now 18 months and we’re going for a FET with our one remaining frostie 🤞🤞😊 x

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Oh wow that is totally conflicting to other stories but great to hear! My daughter is 4Months which I know is quite early to be thinking about it but as we can’t conceive naturally I would rather try sooner and once she’s turned 1. I also had a really positive experience with my planned c section and no complications with recovery! Good luck with your FET!! X

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Thank you!! Good luck to you too when you decide to go for it 👍😊 x

I’m in the same situation, my son is currently 8 months old and I had a straight forward emergency caesarean, I spoke with my consultant from a large NHS hospital but they also do private treatment and she said 6 months is the minimum but due to my age being early thirties so not concerned waiting a little longer would hinder us that she’d recommend 12 months, I wanted to start another treatment before being back at work so we agreed to do a FET and have the transfer done close to the 12 months. I would speak to your clinic as mine said the waiting lists are a few months behind due to Covid so put me on the waiting list straight away to work with the dates we want.

Great thank you! Yes I thought things may be behind with covid too. I’m 33 would rather do sooner as well in case it takes a few cycles! My daughter is 1 in October so ideally I’d like to start in September. I’ll email my clinic today I think and get an idea! Good luck xx

I’m planning a second cycle for a sibling and my lil one is nearly 2. I also had a c-section and my consultants appointment yesterday. They did mention 18/24 months after csection and seemed quite strict on that tbh. It may vary depending on the clinic but I think 18 months would be minimum xx

Also regarding the wait times I think it’s around 6 months with my clinic hence why o got the referral in as I plan for July/august times too x

Hi Lucyhannah, my boy from Ivf is nearly 3. We have been trying again on and off since he was 18 months old. We had 5 frozen embies but unfortunately none of them worked so we’ve gone for another new cycle. I had a c section too. Today I went for a scan for another FET and they suspected some fluid in the uterus, which can come from c section scars. I had no idea that could happen! I got the all clear but sounded like if the fluid was coming from there it would be a big problem for conceiving again. So I would definitely take the Drs recommendation. X

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