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Next transfer

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I’m thinking of another FET next month, all I have left are 3 poor embryos and I can’t decide on what combination to do. Last transfer we did two 5CCs and ended in early fail/chemical.

We have one more 5CC left, and two poor early blasts graded 2 and 2C. This is because they are only at early blast stage so can’t quite give them the proper letter grading. I’m assuming the 2 is a bit behind the 2C.

I was planning to transfer all 3 together... consultant would prefer only 2 but I’ve had two double transfers before and both failed, so I find the likelihood of twins or triplets next to 0%!

I know there is that theory that putting in two that aren’t similar quality can be bad for the stronger one... but it seems pointless to me to transfer the 5CC on it’s own. And seems pointless to spend £1000 twice doing it in two transfers.

I’m really leaning towards all 3!! Anyone got any thoughts or advice? Xx

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It's a tough choice to make but from my studies regarding a lower grade embryo affecting the other I'd be inclined to put back the 5CC but it's totally your decision.

I can't offer much help I'm afraid. Xx

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Orla9298 in reply to genten

That’s what my mum thinks too...

my other option is to try another fresh round of natural modified ivf to see if we get anything better.

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genten in reply to Orla9298

Such a tricky one for you.

I still think you have a chance with your 5cc but ultimately it's your body, mental state and your finances.xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to genten

I agree. I’d be edging towards a single transfer with the 5cc and if that fails then a double transfer with the other two. Good luck whichever you decide xx

Hello i can only give my personal opinion, i would either put the 5CC on its own or the 2 and 2c together, I understand its more money but atleast you have more than one chance???? But obviously whatever you feel comfortable with xxx

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Orla9298 in reply to TRYING2016

Thank you! That’s all I’m after, personal opinions!

I was thinking of grouping them that way... think I’m just feeling a bit reckless like it will never work though so might as well use them all!

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TRYING2016 in reply to Orla9298

Stay positive it will work especially when you least expect it, goodluck and wishing you all the best xxx

Not got any advice but I just wanted to say good luck x

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Orla9298 in reply to LegoBatgirl

Thank you!xx

I think I would put all three in but I suppose you need to consider if all three are successful would you be happy with triplets? Good luck with whatever you decide xx

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Orla9298 in reply to penny24

I think the chances of a singleton are very very slim, let alone twins or triplets. Obviously the risk of triplets is a scary thought but I feel pretty sure we wouldn’t come across that issue. If they were better quality I wouldn’t risk it xx

Reply tough decision Orla! I'm not sure if I really trust gradings or not....ive read all the stories about transferring mixed gradings and how the poorer can bring the better down but also how the better can bring the poorer u. So far we've transferred 2 morulas together then 1x2bb....OE cycles. Then 2x4aa (which were actually hatched & hatching at transfer) then 1 4aa. Nada, nothing not a hint of a line. I'm at the stage like you when I'm thinking just put them all back so I can draw a line, have a break and walk away or start again. I'm not allowed to do the 3 but I honestly would do it.....its illegal due to the fact they're DE and good quality....think they are 1x3aa, 1x4ba & 1x4ab. I just feel like I'd put them all back and at least I could take a deep breath & see where we are at that point. I'm still of the opinion that it's just a bloody game of roulette!!😣

Good luck with your decision lovely!😘xxx

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Orla9298 in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you, I think when you feel like you’ve had a number of fails, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head that I kind of want to draw a line under it and start again or move to donor. Feels like totally unlikely that we would get a singleton let alone any multiples. My consultant has to appeal to their board or something... has to have multiple people agree that we can do it, but sounds like he thinks we would be successful, against his advice really. Eeeek. I agree about the roulette by just feel so negative like it will NEVER happen for us.

My sister has offered to pay for another round for us as our Christmas present so I’ve been back on the dhea in case we go ahead with that. Not sure what to do!!! Transfer or round...

Thanks for your reply lovely xxxx

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Cinderella5 in reply to Orla9298

Ahhhh its so hard to know what to do! That's really kind of your sister, at least you have this as a back up. As someone else said, you might be governed by how well they defrost. I'd be tempted to go for it.....hopefully your sister can buy both something else for Xmas!xx

Hi orla, I don’t actually have any experience of ivf myself just yet but I did wonder about the thawing of the blasts. Is your consultant confident that all 3 will survive the thawing process? If yes then it’s back in your court for a decision. But if not then can you see what happens after the best one thaws to decide what to do on the next 2? I have no idea how long the thaw process takes!!

Yes the thaw process is obviously something that might take it out of my hands! My last transfer of the two poor ones both thawed perfectly. I guess if one or more doesn’t survive then we have the decision made!xx

Hi orla I'd put the one 5cc in. Try stay positive remember a lower quality egg could still have the correct chromosome balance and that's the important part. I've been there almost thinking what's the point if the top 3 haven't worked. I didn't hold much hope for my last one as poorest quality was more doing it to draw a line under the whole thing. Currently 33 weeks pregnant. Good luck x x

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Orla9298 in reply to

Thank you, you are right about the chromosome part, one of these could be the best! X

I’m sure someone posted on here recently about her daughter having been a 5CC or similar.

Yes they did! Although not 100% sure about mine, they have used the grading 5BB in error, and referred to this one as both 5CC and 5DD. Crazy admin or differences in opinion!xx

I think that just shows you how you can’t rely too much on grading!

Personally I wouldn’t transfer three, but that’s because I really wouldn’t want to risk multiple pregnancy, no matter how small the risk. Am now at 29 weeks pregnant and can safely say that I found the first half of pregnancy to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done so to add more risk and make symptoms stronger just doesn’t appeal.

I would do whatever combination would give me the best chance for a viable pregnancy. I guess the consultant should be able to advise. In my case, transferrig the worst grading embryo resulted in having my rainbow baby now. Xx

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