Very late period and bloating/swollen ovary after failed IVF

Hi there. Wondering if anyone can help. I had an IVF cycle in August that sadly failed (pregnant for a few days and then we lost it!). I massively over-responded to the drugs and got very mild OHSS - they took 38 eggs out! I had a very heavy period after the failed result, but since 24th August I've had no period to speak of and it's mid October! I've done a home pregnancy test and it says negative. Also I am constantly bloating on/off - one ovary in particular feels very sore and the doctors said it was a bit swollen - and it gets worse after any exercise. My clinic asked me to wait until I got a period and to see what happens with the bloating, but it's been nearly two months and I'm getting worried there's something weird going on! Has anyone had missed periods and the bloating I mentioned post IVF?

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  • Hi, I had a similar experience and found I had a ovarian abscess leftover from an IVF cycle. Mine ended up a complicated situation but usually they're just monitored or treated with antibiotics. Just a thought! It could just as easily be things going back to normal after the cycle X

  • Thank you - that's definitely food for thought. Hope you're was sorted out in the end and not too serious x

  • Hi Laurenjsmith. So sorry to hear that you are still very uncomfortable. It is obvious that your one ovary has been extremely active, and I wonder whether you may have an ovarian cyst?? If so, it just may need draining, but need to get some answers as to why you are still suffering. Just my thoughts, but this could be upsetting your cycle, so you need some answers. Hope you can soon get sorted. Diane

  • Thank you for your response! I have been wondering if it's a cyst (I got a GP and a doctor at my clinic to feel the offending ovary several weeks ago and they said it was pretty swollen but they weren't too concerned and thought having a period would sort it out). Last week they told me to wait another two weeks and do a pregnancy test - I don't want to pester them but I'm constantly worried about it so think I need to follow up - my partner has very low sperm count and motility after cancer treatment so I sincerely doubt its a pregnancy!

  • Also for more context I have polycystic ovaries (not the syndrome - just the follicles - my periods were relatively regular before the treatment)

  • Hi. Yes, that's probably why you had mild OHSS. Still feel you need maybe a scan, or at least a follow up examination to check that ovary out. Good luck! Diane

  • I had ruptured follicles (not as bad as it sounds, means that hormones were stopping my period for 2 months) after my first cycle of ICSI. It was confirmed by an internal scan and a course of contraceptive pills sorted my cycle out and we were then able to start round 2.

    Contact your clinic for advice.

  • Thanks for your reply - sounds like I need to follow up with my clinic

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