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IVF round 4, coming up...Ding!


In the blue corner is Magda22 getting ready to give it all another shot...

I haven't actually been feeling like that much of a fighter! I've been dreading getting started with IVF again. I've been dreading the emotional ups and downs, going from hope to anguish in a day depending what the scans and blood tests show, all the weird injections, waiting for the phone calls after EC, and most of all how horrible it feels when there is bad news. BUT today I felt a glimmer of optimism and positivity - I do really want to do this again to have the chance at one, or more, good embryos. (I'm aiming to freeze and bank any embryos that are created to use in a year or so because my partner is not ready to start a family yet.)

AF could arrive any time in the next week...and then I'm off! I'm dodging requests for work and avoiding committing my time to anything much over the next few days. I can't believe how close it is.

This will be my first time trying full stimulation short protocol, previously I did natural modified rounds, I'm glad I'm trying this once to see what effect it has for me. With my very low AMH I'm unlikely to produce more than a few follicles, but I think it's worth a shot.

Thanks to everyone who is sharing their story here, it's been a source of great strength, hope and solidarity for me over the past months :) xx

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Definitely worth a shot. Good luck for every stage xx

you got this Magda! good luck xx

I hope everything goes smoothly for you and wish you all the best! Xx

Good luck, I’m also now waiting for my period, ready to start 😊 xx

Good luck for this cycle :) xx

Good luck for your cycle! 🍀

Good luck Magda22!!! I am doing the exact same... AF arrived yesterday and I am currently at the clinic waiting to be called to get started with IVF#4! I know how much of a rollercoaster it is, even before you get the bad news at the end (I've had several of those!) so you'll be in my thoughts. Crossing everything I have so we both get a good result from this one! xxx

magda22 in reply to Bumbo

Thanks for the message!! Love a bit of synchronicity! I'll be thinking about you too, super good luck and let me know how it's going xx

Definitely worth a shot - cycle no 4 was the lucky charm for me!!! x

magda22 in reply to lorraineb61

That's nice to hear!! well done you and congrats :)

Good luck! I’m on my 4th round at the mo too (day 6 of stimms) and feel I could have written this post myself. Definitely got the same dreads but after 3 rounds of being really strict with diet etc, I’ve had a far more relaxed approach to this round and hope to cope a little better (1st phonecall after egg collection is the one I fear the most!)

Fingers crossed that you respond well xxxx

magda22 in reply to Lamorna80

Great to hear from you Lamorna80, so good to know other people are doing the same, having the same thoughts and questions, ect. Yes I think I'm being less anal this time too! Even having the occasional decaf coffee, which feels great. 1st phone call after egg collection - bleuugh! the thought of it makes me want to vomit. But....we can do this! loads of love and luck, crossing everything xx

Aww good luck all of you!! You’ve all inspired me as I’m trying to psych myself up for attempting round 4 after a year out.. so it’s nice to hear of others at the same point! Hopefully 4 will be lucky for everyone! Keep us posted! Fingers crossed for you Xx

magda22 in reply to Lu1u

Yay! Round 4 club! Yes to good luck all round, hope your planning and psyching goes well :) x

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