First round of IVF coming up, advice

Hi Guys,

Was just after some advice and tips if anyone has anything.

Im 37 and my partner and I have been trying for 3 years and been diagnosed with unexplained fertility. We had 3 rounds of IUI , all failed and we start our 1st round of IVF in the upcoming weeks, i have my injection lesson on Thursday then will start my first round of injections on the Sunday.

I was wondering if the injections themselves are painful, I'm not a big fan of needles but will do what I need to do.

Also, are you taking anything to help improve your chances or cut anything out? Like supplements/flax seeds , eating wise and drinking wise any tips would be great.

Im generally (trying) to eat healthy, have cut down on my coffee intake to a cup a week, and get about 40 mins exercise every evening.

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  • Hi

    Welcome to the world of ivf. I have just finished my first cycle and am in the 2ww.

    The injections aren't as bad as you expect. Inject as slowly as you can as this reduces the sting and the feeling of the medication going in. The needle is very thin and I think having a blood test is worst.

    I cut out all caffeine and alcohol. I also had a daily nutribullet of spinach, avocado, pomegranate juice, blueberries and seeds which are all supposed to help fertility and lining.

    Also try to stay calm and positive and do things as a couple. It's very easy for life to become very serious xx

  • Hey, can I ask (it may just me being totally stupid) did you blend all them together or have as separate drinks? I've hear a lot of people say about pomegranate juice so going to give it a go this time x

  • No I put them all in a nutribullet and it makes a smoothie. I've tried drinking pomegranate juice on its own but fine it a bit tarty so the other fruit sweetens it up this way and they're very filling for breakfast πŸ˜€ x

  • Ah thank you! I'm definitely gona give that a try x

  • Thank you that's very helpful, might give that smoothie a go! Good luck to you! X

  • Thank you that's very helpful, do you make this as a smoothie? might give it a go! Good luck to you! X

  • Hey, I haven't found the injections painful a couple a little stingy but I think maybe I did them to fast. If your alternate the side of your stomach each night (which I'm sure they'll explain or already have) it helps to.

    I've been taking folic acid for what seems forever lol but always take pregnacare trying to conceive on the build up and during treatment. I was also advised by my nurse to take coq10 so have started that ready for my 4th cycle - got to be worth a try. I gave up alcohol when I first started treatment but other that than I just try to eat a balanced diet.

    I don't know if your having or have considered Acupunture? I find it helps with my anxiety but I know everyone has their own opinions on it.

    As hard as it is, try not to let it take over your life..have things for you and your partner to look forward as it can help as a great distraction xx

  • Thank you! I have pregnacare at home so think i may start up again! I have a few trips planned too to take my mind off, Good luck to you! x

  • Hi vee I have no advice but I will be running a day behind you, got my teach Friday and start Monday! Good luck and keep in touch! ❀️

  • Will do! Will let you know how it goes and you let me know too! X

  • Yup, I'm so nervous/ excited just keen to get the teach out the way and actually get going! X

  • Yup know how you feel, feels like forever just getting to this point but it's just around the corner now, im trying to be positive and not get too obsessed but it's tricky isnt it, i always say to myself, that there lots of other women going thru the same thing, so we are definitely not alone x

  • Good luck at your lesson and remember im always here if you want to ask anything xx

  • Thanks Michelle, How are you?!!!let me know how you get on with your scan! xx

  • Im good thanks, just enjoying a relaxing break in Spain-very weird not having sangria lol xx

  • I am doing the same. We found some non alcoholic sangria in the supermarket. Put it in a big wine glass with fruit and ice and can pretend πŸ˜‚! Good luck with your cycle. I'm waiting for AF to arrive so can get my sniffing date. X

  • Good luck for your cycle, Xx

  • Hi, injections are not bad! After the first two you get used to it. It may be a bit sore but just think of the main goal. If you keep focus it will keep you motivated. Keep eating healthy, doing your exercises, drink plenty of water, cut coffee and alcohol and invest on good supplements. I just put some on my tread to respond to another lady.

    I'm 38 and also had unexplained fertility. After trying for over 10 years we underwent IVF. We are now on our 3rd positive IVF. Awaiting my 8 week scan ...

    You will find plenty of support of people on the same boat on this site!

    Congratulations of the start of your journey and the very best of luck! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you, that's very helpful! x

  • i just looked on your thread regarding supplements but can't seem to find it, please can you let me know which ones you took?

    Thanks x

  • Think they must have been removed ... maybe it was not allowed???

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