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Sore Subject But Need Advice

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Hi Ladies,

For those that had chemical's, do you remember what your bleed was like?

I was expecting it to be quite heavy and worse than a normal bleed but its been very strange!

Ive had some stuff on pads but not heavy as imagined and tmi coming up but when i wiped it was bright red, watery/mucus like and lots on tissue

It only really lasted 2 days and it seems to be slowing down and stopping already and my periods are usually around 5 days ish

I am under no illusion that there is still a happy ending but just wondered if anyone else had similar?

Thanks ladies xx

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My period was quite short and similar to what you are describing. The period after that seemed to be a lot heavier and quite sore. I don't think our bodies had chance to develop much more than normally if that makes sense? xxx

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Thanks hun - I just imagined this one would be the worst one then settle down.

I am under no illusion that something amazing is going to happen but just wanted others experiences xx

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It's a horrible time isn't it and there always seems to be new things happening (or not happening) when you don't expect it. Keep an eye on things and if you feel something isn't right ask to speak to someone at your clinic. Hopefully everything will return to normal for you soon. Take care of yourself xxx

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Thanks hun - it seems to be slightly back, I think its just playing tricks on me.

I have emailed my clinic but not sure they will say much but I would rather have said something than not if that makes sense xx

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Take care, will be thinking about you xxx

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thank you hun xx

I am really pleased you posted this. I think we both had a CP at around the same time and my bleed is really quite light. Very confusing, I expected it to be really heavy and painful! My last CP following IVF was. Worrying I have a crap lining as where has it all gone?!

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JB1988 in reply to Jenbot78

So sorry you are going through the same. My clinic never got back to me today but I dont suspect there is much they can say but i do find it weird!

Like you say, where has all the lining gone? They told me my lining was great prior to EC so surely thats got to have gone somewhere? Or is it going to slow down then come back with a vengeance? I hope not! haha xx

Yes my lining was supposedly great too so who knows? Trying not to worry about it enough, feel like I am analysing every little thing in my body (as usual!)

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JB1988 in reply to Jenbot78

Yes true, same here. I don’t anticipate anything changing it’s just strange but we will plod along and hope the next round works out xx

Mine wasn’t too dissimilar to what you’ve described. Definitely felt shortish and not as heavy as I expected. There was one time I went to the toilet and wiped and something came away that was probably about the size of a 50p and felt like it had a thick skin type texture which I assume was the yolk sac. I think it probably depends on how far on you are when it happens as they grow really fast at the beginning. I got my BFP 9dp5dt then a BFN 11dp5dt so I’m assuming it happened somewhere between those two points. The following AF was just normal and a normal length of cycle too (though mine aren’t overly regular so normal for me varies between 28 and 35 days). Hope you’re doing ok x

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JB1988 in reply to Lynnr54

Thanks Hun, it’s good to hear others experiences.

Mine aren’t overly normal usually 34 days so hoping that does happen but won’t hold my breath! Xx

Sorry to hear you have gone through it.

Both times mine were surprisingly light, I think the first time I was slightly further along so it was a little bit heavier. But still only needed to change the pad a couple of times a day and that was more for freshness rather than the amount of blood. It was quite painful though and I did pass clots and tissue.

The second time it was more spotting and the odd bit of proper bleeding so I still had to wear a pad but again only changing it a couple of times a day. I didn’t have cramps or anything this time around and if I hadn’t known I was pregnant I would have just assumed it was a light period or breakthrough bleeding. I’d had a smear done and didn’t realise I was pregnant and bled for about 7 days but put it down to the smear and then just spotting. I took a pregnancy test as I was going out and I wasn’t feeling quite right and it was positive. About a week and half after the first lot of bleeding stopped it started again and that lasted about 10 days.

Think both times it was mainly dark blood with the occasional bright red and I had another light bleed about 3-4 weeks later.

I do have PCOS so that may have affected the bleeding too.

Sorry there’s probably a bit tmi in this post but I think it’s good to talk about it too. X

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JB1988 in reply to Binky1983

Thanks for commenting hun. So sorry you’ve experienced this too!!

I guess it will just be a bit weird and I am just recording it all down so I know what happened.

I just wish it would just get on with it! Just bleed and then go away as yesterday it was a bit on/off it’s just torture xx

My chemical pregnancy last year; I started bleeding the day after the day after the positive test. It was bright red spotting, the next day I had fresh blood ( not a big amount had worse periods!) the following day I lost huge blood clots and mean like size of my palm 😲 My miscarriage lasted 3 days & by 6 week scan nothing was left. My next period arrived exactly 28 days after my miscarriage had been completed.

The next period was super heavy , it’s hard to say if it was because of chemical pregnancy or my endometriosis re growing .

Really sorry to hear your loss xoxo

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Sorry to hear of your loss.

Mine has been very weird but I’m just keeping an eye on it and trying to keep strong and focus on our frozen embies xxx

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Thank you 🙂

If you have any worries do contact your EPU/clinic or GP. Hopefully things will settle down soon for you. It took me a while to settle down ( took about 2 months for hormones to get back to normal & ovulate etc) xoxo

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