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FET Cancelled. Try stims?


Devastated, have had our FET cancelled today. Been on progynova for 24 days with dose increased twice, got lining to 6 a week ago and today it has dropped down to 4.8. I’m so upset and disappointed. Doctor had suggested trying stims on next cycle, anyone had this? Feels like a never ending road, I just can’t even reach embryo transfer let alone pregnancy. Debating a second opinion at another clinic, why does it feel like we’re back at square 1 😢

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I'm so sorry that your cycle has been cancelled, it's just awful.

I've not completed FET yet, due to transfer on Thursday so I don't have any advice but I hope the tome passes quickly for you so can continue. Xx

hdd1sm in reply to genten

Lots of luck to you for thurs xx

Ahhh I’m so sorry, even though I haven’t been in the exact same situation, I can understand how you must feel. I’ve had cycles cancelled once I started stims and that really upset me.

My question would be about your lining if you added stims - my consultant says that they prefer only to transfer from a frozen cycle so that the lining is natural - he explained this after I questioned why I bled before test day when I did my nhs rounds, he said because drugs accelerate our lining so it is more developed and further along than it should be.

If your consultant can answer that in a reassuring way that makes sense to you, then trust him/her for one more try. Maybe it will only be a low dose to just give some help?

I’ve seen people be given viagra to help lining too so there are other things that can be done.

I’m sorry you’re feeling down, good luck xxx

Thanks, feel so low. I’m guessing I have no choice but to do meds as I have PCOS so don’t have a natural cycle. I wish my lining would accelerate a bit then I may actually have some luck! My husband thinks we should get a second opinion at least. I’ve heard of viagra, would nhs do that? They all seem to have different limitations. Thank you xx

youtu.be/GMYycII3n5M you can do this yoga for endometrium lining.its really heplful.

I was also going to suggest reflexology... I really think it helps!

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