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Advice.. charged for cancelled FET


Just after abit of advice. We are self funded and had planned a frozen transfer last month however my lining did not get thin enough and they would not go ahead with transfer. We had paid in full before hand, we received an invoice today which has charged us an extra £525 as a cancellation charge before ET. Is this right? We werent informed this would happen. It was out of our control we didn’t electively decide to cancel the clinic said they would not transfer? I was already feeling low and vulnerable like many of us who had cycles cancelled but this has just made me more anxious. We really can’t afford additional costs at the moment with the virus situation and I’m now scared that if my lining continues to not progress I’ll be charged every time. TIA

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That’s ridiculous! If you paid in full, I would be expecting a partial refund not an additional charge! You haven’t had the transfer, or your embryo thawed etc so they’ve done less. I think that’s outrageous and would definitely be making a lot of noise about it. Surely they can’t do that 😡 I would call them.

Sorry you’re having to deal with added stress xx

I think this MUST be an error! It sounds like they are charging you without realising you've paid in full. At least I hope that's the case! Hope they get back to you soon xx

I requested a list of prices ready for when we decide to do another FET and it says on their about charging for cancelled FET. I didn’t think it could be right but obviously it is. Can’t believe they would do that considering you are paying for the package that includes a scan if you have a positive result and then you don’t actually use that service so they are gaining money in a sense x

We paid a full 2k for the FET and as it it didn’t go ahead was refunded but only 1.5, when I looked it said it was for cancelled FET. I looked again and it said (monitoring) after it so assume it’s for the scans etc. They could have made that clearer though. I’m so worried incase it happens again, I can’t keep paying 500 pounds and not moving forward... especially with current financial situation.

Hi sorry about your cancelled cycle. I had 2 cancelled in a row & my clinic charge either the cancellation fee which is around £525 or charge individually for how many bloods/scans/consultations etc you’ve had to that point ... whichever is cheapest so whilst it doesn’t feel fair as you have nothing to show for it I understand as it’s still cost them to get to that point. Good luck next time xxx

I’m with Access so our FET are paid for but as you know we’ve now had 3 cancelled FET and they only allow for 1 so I’ve had to pay for the cancelled ones. If I’d decided to cancel then that’s fine but I didn’t and my body didn’t respond I was so annoyed but nothing I could do sadly. It makes a tough situation even harder. Wishing you luck for next time, have you discussed what they’ll try next time Hun? xx

Hi lovely. Yes we are going to try a natural FET and if still struggling maybe low stims and then it’s end of the line. Just using this time to get my body healthy again, my cycles were every 28 days, positive ovulation day 14 and healthy 3/4 day period but now they are practically non existent. Hope you are ok x

It’s so tough. That’s what I planned to do but have been really struggling. Decided to cut myself some slack and get back on the diet etc next week. Sorry to hear that re your cycles, what a nightmare. Can you remember what Tamoxifen did to your next cycle? I stopped my meds 5 weeks ago tomorrow and no bleed yet... xx

Exactly same, took ages to arrive and when it did I only had brown spotting for 1 day so not really a proper period

Great! Grrrr... They’ve offered to prescribe meds to bring it on but I’ve heard bad things about the side effects and it’s not like I’m in any rush!! xx

It will come I’m sure.. our body’s must be all over the place with all the meds, after 3 months of highest dose estrogen I think my body is probley saying thank goodness for the break

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