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Another stressful day on the rollercoaster.

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Just when I was starting to be less mental and only 1 day after our repeat scan - I had another small bleed last night.

Only a small amount and mainly when I wiped but enough to set me back to square one. It quickly stopped but now I'm scared every time I go to the loo.

Currently on holiday in Melbourne and trying to relax. Did a wee bit of shopping today to keep my mind off things!

Still feel just as pregnant ie. totally rubbish and pukey. The last scan showed lots of new blood vessels forming so I guess it is one of them which bled.

I'm just so over this whole rollercoaster. I just want a normal pregnancy after all we've through but looks like its gonna be a bumpy ride.


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It's such a shame that you are having all these worries I hope all settles down and you can enjoy some of your pregnancy once the yucky stage passes and especially when you feel the flutters and kicks it will be a lot easier never an easy ride for any of you though take care x

It’s so unfair that pregnancy after ivf can’t be stress free and enjoyable but it rarely is. I hope it gets easier soon xx

I had spotting for a long time during early pregnancy but at the same time i know how scary it is. I thinkyou're doing the right thing taking your mind off it and keeping busy. Maybe when you get home you can have an early scan to see how bean is doing? Take care of yourself xxxx

Sending big hugs and hoping things get easier for you xx

Its just not fair is it youd think after what we go through we would get a break! Hopefully it gets a bit easier and less stressful for you hun xxx

All was well again today and having a lovely meal out. Went to the loo and some fresh blood again when I wiped which then stopped - WTF!!

Maybe I'm just gonna bleed at the end of each day. I'm on holiday too so I'm hardly being that active or stressed.

This little embie has a lot to answer for.


Just sending some love - hope things get less stressful and you’re able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xxxx

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