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Amount of follicles?

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Morning all.

I had an internal scan yesterday at an NHS hospital and they say I have 14 follicles in total (6 in my left ovary and 8 on my right).

I had the same scan done privately in June and they said I had 22 follicles in total (14 on my left ovary and 8 on my right).

So they both agree I have 8 on my right. But there’s a difference of 8 follicles in my left ovary. I didn’t notice this when I was at the hospital as I was a bit overwhelmed but now I’ve realised I’m really worried.

Has anyone else had this? Have they made a mistake? Surely I can’t lose 8 follicles in two months?

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Hi, it might depend on if they changed your protocol, you might have over stimulated last time and they might have been trying to prevent OHSS this time. 14 is still a really good number so best of luck x

Thank you. I haven’t had any drugs at all as yet as we’re still right at the beginning of the whole process. Maybe the first clinic made a mistake. It’s good to know 14 is a good number though thank you. I was worrying it was too low xx

I've been told that with egg collection it's quality not quantity, fingers crossed that your follicles have the healthiest possible eggs x

Thank you xx

Follicle numbers vary month to month - its not a set amount that keeps coming back. Next month you might have the same, or a few more, or a few less, and the month after a different number again. This is normal and you don't know how many follicles will be in a cycle unless you see on a scan. The scan gives a sense of how many follicles your body is producing, and your stats are very good 👍

When it comes to an Ivf cycle you really only want a few good quality eggs, so good luck :)

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Strawberry17 in reply to magda22

Ah I see. I thought we had a set amount and they only decreased gradually with age. I must have been having a good month in June I guess. Thank you for the reassurance, I really appreciate it xx

I can have a total of between 6 and 11 at baseline scan, so like others have said it does vary. I found over my rounds that it’s more worthwhile starting stims when you have a baseline at the higher end of your range xx

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