My follicles have disappeared 😭

Had my scan yesterday to check that I was ready to start stimulation injections but there was not a single follicle in either of my ovaries. I'm so shocked! Where have they gone? I had 5 in my right & 2 in my left when I did my last fresh cycle earlier this year. Does this mean they're gone forever? I've to start the stimulation injections and have another scan on Tue? Been so upset and hardly slept last night. I have severe endometriosis and have a 4cm cyst in my left ovary & a 2cm cyst in my right ovary but before I down regulated the follicles were there, they showed up on the scan. I'm so confused. Any advice would be gratefully received x x

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  • Hi noodles,

    I had far fewer follicles on round 2, there was no real explanation except our bodies respond differently to the same drugs at different times. Very frustrating!

    Hopefully there will reappear at the next scan.

  • Oh u hope so pm27. The follicles were there when I had my last scan about 4 weeks ago. I was on the pill for 25 days then 5 days of buserelin and now they've disappeared 😯 x x

  • Fingers crossed for you that they appear with the stimulation meds. Did the clinic have any idea as to why? xx

  • No they just said it was very strange as usually they can see the follicles on the scan. I started the highest dose of menopur yesterday. Waiting until Tuesday is gonna be so hard x x

  • Thinking of you xxx

  • Thank you πŸ’™ x x

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