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After a BFN


Hi, I found out 2 weeks ago that our first round of IVF had failed, I thought I had prepared myself but it did really floor me. I was feeling a lot better and then last week I have just felt so down and I’m not really sure why, I know we have been through a lot and whilst going through ivf work was stressful too so I’m likely recovering emotionally from that, but I was wondering whether this could be due to all the medication coming out my system or my hormones going back to normal?

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Hey you, I felt exactly the same. I think many of us on here can relate. I think the key thing is to give yourself plenty of time. We are going through such a hard process mentally, emotionally and physically. We had our first round end up as a chemical pregnancy back in March and I know it just devastated us both. It's taken me a long time to start to feel like me again and feel strong enough to try again but with time, love and a lot of patience from my hubby I feel I'm finally getting there. Be kind to yourself and I promise you are a lot stronger than you think right now. xxx

Mmem123 in reply to Hidden

Thank you x

I was exactly the same too! I thought I was fine for a week or so but then turned into an emotional wreck! I think I took some time to process it properly and I defo think it took some time for all the meds to leave my system - I was a hormonal wreck!

Sending you loads of love, just remember that you’re not alone xxx 💕

Mmem123 in reply to Caza2009

Thank you, I just feel so strange I felt ok then this low mood has hit me out of nowhere.

Caza2009 in reply to Mmem123

It’s such a devastating time. I hope you’re ok - take some time out for yourself and surround yourself with loved ones.

Sending you massive hugs 🤗 this journey is tough at times but just remember how strong you are for even being on it in the first place xxxxx

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