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Caved.. at 6dp5dt.... bfn



I’m feeling so out of control. This is my second round of ivf, second fresh transfer, cramping quite badly this afternoon, so I’ve just done a test... BFN .

My boobs aren’t really sore any longer, but my cramping comes and goes....

I’m worried sick that it’s a repeat of last time where I started to bleed 7dp5dt...

Has anyone tested early and had a bfn, that turned into a bfp on OTD?

I’m really driving myself mad.


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Its still really early to get a BFP. I know you'll have seen others get early positives but lots of ladies dont get a positive until much later!xx

I have seen posts where a BFN has changed by OTD fingers X'd for that to happen x

Loads of people. 6dp5dt is far too early. When is your otd? Xx

Becatoms in reply to Camillage

It’s 14/11 so a week tomorrow.

I really feel as though AF is on her way, and this happened last time at 7dp5dt.

I’m on an increased dose of progesterone (1200) per day..

This 2WW is so difficult!


Camillage in reply to Becatoms

It is awful and we go through so many fluctuations in emotions. Unfortunately the symptoms of success are the same as af. Another cruel twist to test our strength.

Hang on in there. You have a whole week to go - still half of your 2ww. You can do this. Keep thinking positively xx

Becatoms in reply to Camillage

Thank you, you really are a pillar of strength, just what a girl needs during the rollercoaster that is ivf! Xx

Camillage in reply to Becatoms

You will do this, you will get there xx

Yes! I tested on 8dp5dt and got a BFN. Was distraught and cried for hours. Three days later I have just returned from hospital where was told I had a BFP.

I think the 2ww is the most emotionally taxing experience I’ve ever been through. Good luck xxx

Hang in there and try to stay positive. Wishing you lots of luck for OTD xx

It’s really early. You’re not out yet. Some women get positives on day 6 but it’s rare. Test again on your otd and good luck xx

You are testing way too early, try not to panic. I didn’t get a positive test result until 11dpo

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