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Abandoned cycle before ec

After doing injections for 12 days with scans on day 8, 10 and 12 we were told that we have to abandon this cycle as I only had 2 good follicles. Gonal f was upped on day 8 but to no avail. Feeling disappointed that we didn’t make it to ec. It was our first cycle so been preparing for it only to feel like a let down. DH is being great but I feel to blame. Not sure why. Anyone else had abandoned cycle? What happened next? Need some positive thoughts please xx

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How disappointing for you. Were you only on gonal f, or other drugs too? They may be able to change your drug protocol next time and get a better response x


Sorry to read this, I haven’t had a failed cycle so not sure about what’s next but can totally understand your disappointment x


Hi I'm sorry to hear your cycle was cancelled I know how you feel as the same thing happened to me I only had one follicle and it was deverstaing, Cancelled cycle was in a short protocol. I then started my next cycle changed to long protocol with different drugs and got 8 follicles and 6 eggs collected. People often say that the first cycle can be a tester because the Dr don't know how you will respnd and month to month can change. I hope this gives you some hope and I hope you have a chance to try again. I was also recommended to take dhea before my second cycle and i think that also helped my recruit more follicles second time round xxx

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I didn't have follicles on my first cycle. My second one they upped the drugs, I got 8 eggs and a BFP. Good luck.


I’m so sorry to hear this. Please don’t feel that you have let anyone down. You are doing your absolute best. I had a completely rubbish response to Gonal F on my first round. Managed to get to EC but only got one egg!! I was switched to Menopur and Luveris for next round and egg numbers did improve. Sadly it seems that your first cycle can often be a trial run!

Have lots of questions ready for the doctor when you head to your review appointment and ask what they would suggest doing differently for you next time round. I know Diane has given advice to other ladies here with regards to questions to ask at review appointment.

Take care xx


Thanks ladies! Onwards and upwards. Got to stay positive and work out next steps! Will see what doc says on Tuesday and get prepared for round 2 x


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