A nice break before IVF#3

A nice break before IVF#3

Hello ladies,

I'm writing to you from sunny Spain! ☀️ Me and my partner are having a well deserved break before we start our third round on 10th of August.

I've ate and drank whatever I fancy and it's been lovely 🙂🍹

Uploaded the photo of the book I've just finished reading, I know many on here have read it. What did you think? I have to be honest I couldn't really get into the book, not sure why 🤔

Hope your all well x

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  • Good on you for taking this approach! I hope it's third time lucky for you 🍀 xx

  • Thank you. I see your in the 2ww! Hope it's third time lucky for you also 🙂 Xxx

  • Hope your enjoying Spain, sounds like a good idea to get away!

    I really enjoyed reading most of the book but I have to agree there were bits I feel like I skimmed through as I just couldn't get into. I felt it was written very honestly and some bit I could of wrote myself but others just didn't seem to fit.

    Lots of luck for your 3rd cycle x

  • I feel the same, I felt like a lot of parts of the story weren't needed and I found them boring. I wanted to know more about the treatment itself, gives me hope I guess though!

    Thank you 🙏 Good luck with your cycle too xxx

  • Good thinking 💭 a well deserved holiday. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and come back well rested and ready for ur IVF journey. 💆🌅🥂 🍀 best of luck xx

  • Thank you very much 🙂 Xxx

  • Have a lovely time, and loving the nail colours, gorgeous xxx happy hols xxx

  • Thank you 🙂 Xxx

  • Awww I hope you've had a lovely time away Amanda! All that sun & relaxation should be on prescription for us lot to help us relax!😂 Enjoy it whilst you can. Haven't read the book, I saw her story in the paper but it didn't really grab me!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella, your right it should be on prescription for us! 😂 Xxx

  • Enjoy your holiday! I have recently read the book and really enjoyed it... but still was hoping to read abit more about the actual ivf bit..... I start my injections for first round icsi tomorrow! All the best with your upcoming cycle xx

  • Thank you. Good luck to you also 🍀🤞 xxx

  • Good luck on your third go and sometimes getting away and enjoying a holiday is just what you need so pleased your having a lovely time x I have the book but haven't read it yet xx

  • Thanks Kelly 🙂 A break is definitely what we've needed xxx

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