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Nurse planning telephone call. Feeling excited!


Hi all,

So we had our counselling via skype last monday, which went well. Lots of questions answered.

After a slight delay with the nurse getting back to me she rang this afternoon. We discussed our choice to go to Spain for egg donation IVF. She recommended a clinic due to their excellent communication and friendliness. There are a few clinics that are similar within the company we are already with in UK, but she deals with them personally and recommended the one were were considering anyway. Always good to get a personal recommendation!

The donor will be matched to hair colour, eye colour, build and height. I was hoping for blood type but they don't include this. Disappointed with that. The nurse said there won't be a problem finding a donor.

The cycle will be frozen as there is no difference to pregnancy rates with fresh cycles apparently. Doing a frozen cycle means less stress organising going over for transfer etc. especially if the donor needs further days on medication before egg collection. I liked the sound off this as my partner has only got a few days of leave left until the new year. We will have to go to Spain twice. Once for the sperm deposit and the second for transfer.

SHe discussed genetic screening. My partner has to have basic HIV etc done again as they have to be within 3 months. He also has to have Cystic Fibrosis screening done at the clinic. We will try and get what we can done on the NHS like we did last time. What do people think of the CGT Carrier Genetic Testing? Our consultant said its about £750 but the nurse said its between £850-1K!! My partner really feels they are 'upselling' this and isn't sure if we really need it. They have even written on the leaflet 'the most responsible way to plan a family'! As if we are irisponsible if we choose not to do it. I just keep thinking if we don't have it done and a baby has a life limiting condition we could have prevented... well you know what i'm trying to say. I know the chances are very rare, but if the donor and my partner are carriers of the same recessive condition, we just choose a different donor. Simple. What are people's thoughts on this? Has anyone had the screening done or decided not to?

Anyway I just wanted to tell you all that I am really excited for our next step. I am only looking forward. We have made this choice and I know it is right for us.

How is everyone's journey going? Sending lots of love to you all xx

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Good to read about all your positive steps xx

Your consultation all sounds really positive! Its always great to feel like you're moving forward, and as you say exciting. As for the genetic testing, we already had it (hubby was routinely tested due to very low sperm count which came abck clear) so I cant help with how you feel about having it. Best of luck going forward though!xx

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