Feeling deflated things not going to plan

Hi I haven't posted for a little while following my chemical pregnancy back in April. I'm now doing a frozen cycle originally it was meant to be a natural cycle but my follicle didn't grow so it got cancelled. I then transferred onto a medicated cycle starting buseralin on day 21 to have my bleed and then have a scan the following week. I went along last Tuesday for my scan expecting to be told to start my oestrogen tablets but the nurse said my lining was to thick and to continue on the buseralin for another week. Has anyone else had this? I'm so fed up and worried that its not going to work because every time I go for a scan something is wrong. I'm just so fed up with it I feel so down. Sorry for the long rants message just looking to see if this can be normal xx

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  • I m so sorry that you are hitting one bump after the another. But I think that is what IVF is all about. After every scan you are left in agony when something or the other uncovers. That's being said don't worry too much about it. Stay positive. There are numerous hurdles till we reach to the point where we will be able to hold our little bundle of joy. Always focus on the end result and in the end it will all be worth it.

  • Thank you for your reply it's so hard the not knowing. Xx

  • It sounds very frustrating but try to trust that the docs know what they are doing and are doing it all to get you into the best condition for transfer. Won't be too much longer now xx

  • Thank you it's a nurse led service and unfortunately different nurses have told me different information which hasn't helped as I'm loosing faith. You originally see the consultant then after that it's nurse lead xx

  • If you get contradictory info may be worth asking to speak to the head nurse or consultant? X

  • True I have a scan the Tuesday I need to gather the confidence to say something I suppose I haven't wanted to cause a problem but it's really getting to me now so I do need to ask xx

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