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Late AF after interrupted IVF... What to do?!?


Hi there, I did my 1st round of IVF in June and it got interrupted due to a polyp & high progesterone levels (we have 1 frozen blastocyst though :-) ). My first periods were fine and arrived on time, although symptoms were stronger than usual. However, my 2nd cycle is very late (7 days today, never happened before). I did a pregnancy test on day 1 which was negative. My symptoms are really bad though: PMS x10! With lots of mood swings, cramps, very milky discharge too... Spent Sunday crying on/off. What would you recommend? Should I put myself through the hopes and disappointment of wasting another pregnancy test? Do I need to see a doctor or just wait desperately for AF to come?

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Urrgghhh its hard to know what to do for the best...the fear of seeing another negative test is rubbish! I would say that after the meds your cycle does take time to settle back to normal, not for everyone but did for me. I would personally hang off for a bit if you think it'll make you feel worse seeing a negative!xx

My second period after egg collection freeze all cycle was late, but not seven days late. Only you know if you can bear to do a test. I would do one myself- it’s just better to know in my mind. If you go to the dr I imagine it’s the first thing they’d do too.

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