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So close to starting IVF...but my body says no :(

After 3 years, my husband and I were finally told you can start your first cycle on day 1 of your next period...and that was only 3/4 days away. I can't tell you the relief and joy I felt during and after that appointment. However, my body has played a cruel trick on me, and I'm now a week late. I've had spotting for eight days now. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and if you finally did get your period?

I've taken a pregnancy test which came out negative.

Thanks in advance

Clare x

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Hi hunni.

Sorry to hear your body is being difficult..

Know how that feels Hun after over 3 ttc to conceive and finally had a date for my ivf in march and my body randomly started bleeding in between my periods which meant my dr ran investigations which meant my ivf went on hold. In my case my irregular bleeding was caused by a submucosal fibroid/ovarian cyst. I've been refereed to an nhs gynae clinic and I'm seeing a consultant a week today :) So glad coz fibroids can affect fertility :)

I would urge to visit your lady doctor and let them decide if you need further investigations. If this isn't the norm for you it needs to be looked at.

Sometimes it's a good thing coz you want to be sure nothing is wrong And have the best chance of the ivf working.

Good luck with it all I hope you get some answers soon And you can get on with your ivf in no time X


Mine come a week late when I was due to start too.. I didn't know if I was just thinking about it to much xx good luck with everything


CLammas26 I know exactly how you feel. For the first time in 15 months my period came early, meaning that we were unable to start this month as planned. It's so frustrating, it's SO close. I hope everything works out for you Xx


Thank you for the replies!! Sorry for the slow reponse...So I'm now 10 days late and still spotting. I've given up starting this month - would rather save myself the stress. We go on holiday mid-June, so don't want our cycle to finish too close to our holiday.

The whole TTC is so emotionally draining...You try to stay positive, but lets face it, it isn't always possible is it. Fingers crossed we can get cracking in July.

I hope it all works out for you all and thank you for taking the time to reply. x

It helps to vent sometimes doesn't it :) xx


Hello! I read your post .... And I feel very sad to know about your medical condition

My advice would be to definitely be kind to yourself. Try to take it easy:) If you can take some time off work if you have a stressful job then do it. My wife came through same. Her work was very supportive. But being a drama and dance teacher at a busy secondary school She found the pressure was quite intense. I support her as I can. She`s definitely going to put her first this time. She said the most importantly remember despite the amazing science Mother Nature still has a part to play in this (unfortunately!) try to stay relaxed. She`s loving acupuncture at the mo. It really helps her to chill out!

Is this your first appointment after your GP, or are you going to a clinic? Be carefull!


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