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Meditation/mindfulness for FET


Afternoon Ladies,

I was just wondering if anyone else has been told by their clinic to try medication/mindfulness?

I spoke to my fertility councillor on Saturday morning and she suggested this as a coping technique, as I am currently on meds for my second FET.

I have downloaded an app and tried two sessions so far, just wondered if anyone else has found these techniques helpful?

I get very stressed and anxious with the whole process I am sure I am not the only one. Any advise as always is appreciated.

Thanks xx

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Hi there, I’m practicing meditation for past 7 years and I must definitely say that it keeps me sane. To feel proper benefits it should be done every day. I use Insight Timer app. I would recommend it with all my heart and I hope you try it. I first started with a book and CD by Danny Penmann and Mark Williams “Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world”. It has 8 weeks programme and I would recommend you start with it to fully understand it. I also like meditations with Tara Brach and her radical acceptance approach. All the best, I hope you try it and find it as beneficial as I do. X

I have also downloaded a mindful ivf app, I listen to it while in bed at night.

I find it helps me relax and because of how soothing it is I normally dose off before the end 😂 xx

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Me too lol, that Irish lilt sends you straight to sleep 🤣

That app got me through ivf I loved it! He has such a soothing voice 😊

I recommend it to everyone lol xx

Hi Hun as StaceyMac says it’s VERY relaxing, I haven’t got through a whole session yet as I keep falling to sleep x x

Thanks for your replies I have been trying a session each day and seems like you said relaxing. xx

Hey there hope you are doing just great, well this is not necessary in a fertility treatment taking mindfulness medication it depends on the condition of the person if you are doing great and the treatment is going absolutely fine then you don't need to add extra amount of medications on your routine but if you really need them you can add small amounts of it as according to the clinic's advise and the counselor, i truly hope that you are at the right clinic for fertility treatment because in Europe people have had bad experiences my own aunt gone through major setbacks just because of unprofessional behavior from the clinic Lotus hope you are not going there for your treatment, consider it just a piece of advice, good luck.

I loved Mindful IVF!! His voice is very relaxing! Once I got passed the last result, I've listened to the 10-day re-bitty a couple of times just to relax!!! Must start listening again as we start round 3 @ 20th of this month......

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