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Feeling so poorly!


Hi everyone,

Did everyone feel poorly on the injections? Did my first Gonal- F one last night as well as a lower dose of down regulation one. Don't think this intense heat really helps, but I feel sick pretty much every single day. Just got up to wash up and don't have the energy. Sometimes I feel better but mornings as so hard to come round most of the time with a headache. Luckily I'm on summer holidays from school else this would all be going on while working (don't know how you've coped if you have been working while doing you're injections, you're literally amazing!). Seems all I have energy to do is sit on the sofa, out of the heat, drink water and tea and sometimes eat (felt so sick I don't really feel like eating either!). Sorry guys- moan over! Thanks for tolerating me if you read all this massive moan! Xx

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I’m so sorry you’re feeling so unwell. I think a lot of ladies feel like this. I really hope that you feel better soon. The heat certainly doesn’t help. Take it easy. Keep drinking the water and don’t worry yourself with doing too much.xxx

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