Feeling so anxious

Hi Everyone

I feel kinda silly talking about this but I am just feeling so worried as each day goes on. I am currently 9+6 weeks. I had some bleeding earlier on at 6 and 7 weeks. Had a scan at 8 weeks and all was well, good heartbeat and size etc.

But since then I feel like in the last 2 weeks my symptoms have become non existent. I didn't have full on morning sickness but was getting nauseous when i didn't eat and had a really heightened sense of smell and my boobs were huge. Now i feel no sickness at all and my boobs although still big don't feel as full as before?! I have another week and a half to go before my next scan and Im just freaking out. Is this normal? Am i being crazy? Im so worried something has happened.

I know not everyone gets symptoms but I just can't help but be anxious about it.

Hope you are all doing ok no matter what stage of your journey you are at. Much love. xxx

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  • Are you able to contact your midwife or the early pregnancy unit? I don't think you're being silly at all.

  • Well I did contact the EPU last time when I had red bleeding and they were amazing and did a scan the next day. I also contacted them after speaking with my midwife on Tues as I had some lower back pain but they said to just monitor things and didn't seem to think there was too much to worry about. I hope its just all in my head?! x

  • That's good if they didn't think that you needed to worry x

  • Yeah fingers crossed all is ok and Im just lucky in the sense that i haven't had any major sickness etc. Thank you. xx

  • I'm sure it's all in your head. Try not to worry. Xxx

  • I hope so! Wish I could just be excited about it. Hopefully after my scan I will relax a bit! Im not usually a worrier!!! xxx

  • I feel exactly the same; pretty much anxious all the time, over analysing everything. It's never ending and it's exhausting xx

  • It is exhausting! Only seems to be getting worse as the weeks go on 😖 Xx

  • I had pretty much the same lower back pain, went from feeling constantly nauseous to pretty much disappearing too! I panicked as well and everything is still fine :) I'm 12+5.. my 12 week scan is one week today.. but had a private scan at 11 weeks and all good. Try not to worry xxx

  • Thank you. I feel a bit better now. My midwife did say lower back pain was common where things are moving around and starting to get bigger! xx

  • Symptoms come and go or you could be lucky and not get too many. I've been text book tbh. I decided worry and anxiety were worse than the sickness etc in the early weeks. First trimester seems hard and long but as soon as you get to 20 or so weeks it's just amazing. Worry won't leave but you will learn that your body is changing and adapting itself for your growing baby and it will be unique to you and not always consistent. I use an app called Ovia and it's really good for quick pregnancy questions with others. I type this as I lie on my side 38+5 debating the best way to manoeuvre out of bed this morning! X

  • Thanks for you reply. I will feel better once i start to grow. I can't tell if my belly is getting bigger from pregnancy or eating so much recently haha. My appetite has increased a lot in last few weeks!!! Wow you are really close now!!! All the best for the birth! xxx

  • To have an appetite is good! I barely ate first trimester with sickness I think I lost a few lbs. belly is probaly bigger from stretchy uterus I don't think I was showing properly until 22weeks + again that's all unique to your own body so try not to compare to others. Keep healthy and eat well, rest when you can and enjoy it. Thanks for your best wishes - the finish line seems so close but yet so far still lol xx

  • I agree that the anxiety and worry doesn't seem to leave. I had private scans inbetween and bought a doppler to try and relax a bit. Used the doppler every night and must have been lucky with the beans position to hear the heartbeat consistently.

    I started to relax about week 24 although just as I get to a milestone hurdle I see another news story or online article on some awful stories.

    I had no morning sickness and just side effects from the pressaries up to 12 weeks. Ive had nothing boob related and still doing fine in my pre-ivf bras and I'm 27 weeks.

  • My sis in law has a doppler which she has offered me to use if i am worried but haven't taken her up yet in case it makes me more worried! Yeh I think my only side effects have been from the pessaries. Although my boobs were the give away right from the beginning. I even noticed them changing in the 2WW. And my friends have commented that they are huge recently lol! And they don't know I'm pregnant yet! xx

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