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Chemical/Early MC


So our 3rd & last embryo from this round has resulted in a chemical/early MC!! Started dark spotting Fri which was a day before OTD. faint positive test Sat, but Digital test only reading 1-2wks so we knew it wasn’t good!! 😢 After some very strange bleeding since Sat I ended up in EPU last night for fear of an ectopic but they’ve said they think chemical/early MC!! The cruelty of now having to wait and hope for a negative test!!

This on top of our 10wk MMC early April, it’s just all too much - my stupid body keeps letting us down!! 💔😢

Sorry for the pity party ladies, time to rest for a while and try pick ourselves up again!! Hope you’re all doing well on whatever stage you’re at in this journey!! 😘 xxx

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Sorry to read this. It’s really hard and it isn’t fair xx

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Thank you Tugsgirl!! It’s so so cruel, I just don’t know how much more I can take!! 😕 hope you’re doing well!! xx

Awwww hun. Heartbreaking so sorry. Really hope you have lots of support around you. We're here for you too hun. Hugs and love sending your way 😘💝

Really sorry to hear this xx

Take care xx

Really sorry to read this. Not fair at all. Feel disappointed for you. Thinking about you. Such a difficult time for you. Xo

So sorry to hear this. Is so awful and unfair x

This journey is absolutely the worst place to be at times 😢 feel for you so much. Try pick yourself up and enjoy some you time before deciding when to start again. Huge hugs for you 💞 xxx

So sorry to hear this, this journey is so unbelievably hard. Thinking of you X

I’m so sorry for your loss.

It’s hard not to be angry at our bodies when this happens but remember it’s NOT your fault.

My fertility specialist has said he will refer us to a miscarriage if we were to have another loss ( we had a chemical pregnancy last year) maybe your fertility doctor could refer you?

Thinking of you during this difficult time xoxo

This is horrible. Nothing is fair in this process. I hope that whatever the outcome you get through it and make sure you take some time out to look after yourself before considering your next steps xx

Oh Hun I'm really sorry. This is just so heartbreaking, I have no words this has made me sad I'm so so sorry. Big hugs and lots of love xxxx

Sorry to be reading this, this journey is so so hard .... take some time for you and your partner sending big hugs 💖 Xx

Thank you all so much for the kind messages - it’s been an awful week!! Not only knowing it hadn’t worked but then the ectopic fear & worry about my health!! 😢

This really is the hardest, cruelest journey!! Time to try and pick ourselves back up and see if we have the strength to go again - a whole new challenge as well now seeing as I just turned 40 so we have to pay private now as well!! 😢

Wishing you all the very best!! xxx


This is so cruel - you need some good luck next time around. So sorry xxx

Awww im really sorry to hear this! Sending hugs.xx

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