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4 follicles on IUI is this ok?


Hi, I'm new here I have just had a scan today I have 4 follicles not great sizes 15,13, 11 &8. I will start my ovulation tests tomorrow however I am just interested to hear of anyone who may have similar results to this and what the outcome was. This is my 1st round of IUI, we have been TTC for almost 4 years. Previously we had 6 rounds of Clomid, I had a BFP on my last round but unfortunately miscarried at about 6 weeks. After a short break we are starting the journey again. Any advice will be greatly received. :-)

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I'm sorry for your loss. Any fertility treatment is a huge roller coaster. It's important not to get disheartened 'cause of failures. As for the follies count, I guess it's worth trying unless your dr feels good enough about it. It usually takes ONE. And not always of the best quality. See what I mean. When IVF#1 (DE) they transferred 1 grade 4AA embryo but we ended with BFN. Dr made some changes into treatment protocol, again IVF#2 (DE) they put back 2 blasts 4BB and we BFP! I conceived my sweet son then. This world is so unpredictable!! We're used to conting on higher numbers and higher gades to work out. But don't expect them to be mid or low grade to work ever. But they actually do! There are so many stories on boards ladies use the only viable egg and get success. I'm praying for your luck with the coming iui shot. Talk to your dr also for reassurance. All my positive vibes going your way x

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Thank you so much, I do try to stay positive and yes I agree so much emphasis is put on large number etc. Its wonderful to hear of good news and success x

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