Is 3 Follicles enough?

Had my day 9 scan today to check my follicles, left ovary had nothing, they struggled to even find it. Right had 3 good size ones, 1 medium and 2 which where too small.

So I am to keep injecting and have another scan Monday to see where we are, she hopes the medium one will catch up!

I am worried that 3/4 isn't a lot? I am already on a pretty high dose I think, 375 Gonal F.

My nurse scanning me was really sweet and said it only takes one, quality over quantity etc. and the ones that are there look good.

Just fingers crossed for Monday, hopefully EC on Weds/Thurs!


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  • Hi taylor85. Obviously, it is always a disappointment when we don't produce lots of follicles. However, the smaller ones should hopefully catch up after a few more days stimulation, so fingers crossed you end up with a few eggs to fertilise. For some reason, it seems as if the one ovary has been resistant to stimulation. Good luck for Monday and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane! :) x

  • They coudnt see my right ovary. Am wishing u best of luck. It only takes one...lets stay

  • im an older lady so i never have a lot of follicles but both my egg collections did result in embryos so u dont always need a lot x best of luck xxx

  • I wish you well. Keep strong

  • I only had 2 decent follies, got 2 eggs which both fertilised and I got a BFP a couple of weeks ago.

    One of my ovaries was resistant to the stims too and refused to play ball!

    It's early days obvs but it shows it's not always about quantity.

    Good luck for this week xx

  • Thanks ladies for you encouraging words! Had my scan today we are good to go for EC on Wednesday :) x

  • Good luck for Wednesday, hope all goes well. This is where it gets exciting! x x x

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