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Trying for over 3 years, on 2nd round of iui

Hi! Had a bit of a nightmare last 3 years! Had a miscarriage, had to terminate a pregnancy at 18 weeks due to the baby having heart problems. Started iui, just had my 2nd round of iui and started spotting today! Does anyone have any suggestions to take my mind of this all? Just want to run away 6 of my friends have just told me they are pregnant! Life is cruel!! X

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Hi Little_beth, I'm sorry to hear about your losses. And I know the feeling, my best friend just told she is pregnant (they didn't even try to get pregnant). The spotting can be anything, the positive thing is that it can be because the egg has fertilised and now embryo has implanted itself to the uterus or it can be something else. So many women has spotting and they still do BFP so try not to worry (I know not easy though). When is your test day? xx


Hi icsi_mama

Thank you for your reply, it's just so hard, my periods are marked to come tomorrow! So think it's not happening this month! Back to the drawing board!

Its so hard when friends tell you they are pregnant, You are so happy for them but gutted inside!! Xx


Oh I'm sorry to hear, but don't loose all the hope before you have done the test. X


Hi Little_beth. Indeed - life can be so cruel. You have had more than your fair share to contend with, experiencing 2 precious losses. Unfortunately, when we are so wanting our own baby, every other woman seems to have a bump or is pushing a pram! We can't do anything about this, but just be careful who you spend your time with for now. You're under a specialist, so he/she will take care of you. Maybe some counselling might help you for now? Do ask if you haven't had any, it just may help. Thinking of you. Diane

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Hi Diane, thanks for the reply! Yes I saw a counsellor after I had the termination, which helped a lot! Sometimes I just really don't want to talk about it and just have something to take my mind off everything! I have tried to stay away from things where I know there are a lot of pregnant girls! X


Hi Little_beth. Oh it's not easy. I had a still birth many years ago, which I'm sure felt the same as what you have been through. It does get better, as everyone says, but you will have hiccups for a while - I still do even now! Thinking of you. Diane


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